The Dungeon Master
15 Six Months Later
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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15 Six Months Later

Hei just kept repeating the same process of waking up, eating, understanding the hydra's powers, and going to sleep for 6 months. Hei woke up to one of the goblins shaking him. "Master, today is the day."

"At last." Hei said as he put everyone in the summon room and walked out of the castle, turning it back into a ring. The hydra wasn't with them, because, well, he was one with the hydra.

Hei booked a flight to the area indicated to him by Rio. He waited about 3 hours til the plane got there. Hei went on, and strange enough, the plane didn't crash because of some old man with an insect or a terrorist attack like most stories I've read.

Once they landed, Hei flew to a remote island as told by Rio using his newly acquired wings. "He should appear soon."


"The guy in charge of the stuff. The one that gives out the passes."

"I see."

Hei waited for a little while, and suddenly, many people, all of them were over 40 landed on the island. They all looked strong and mysterious, and that meant Hei had to get serious.

Out of the clouds, a figure descended, he gave off a strong air, aura, and pressure. Hei had a smirk on his face as he absorbed all of the chi released by everyone, without releasing his. Unaware, the other old men were focused on the strong figure.

'New skills acquired: Elemental touch Lv.3. Chi walk Lv. Max.'

"Elemental touch: Your hands are capable of manipulating elements to certain extents."

"Chi walk: Whenever you take a step 1 percent of the chi within a 5 meter radius is absorbed or stolen from other cultivators."

Hei kept stealing the chi, unnoticed. "Huh, Hey there, Hei." The man said. Hei opened his eyes, and to his surprise, it was Zephyr.

"Oh hello there." Hei replied.

Surprised by how familiar Hei was with the almighty god that they were told had been a beast of mass destruction in the past, they couldn't help but blink.

"Anyway, let me explain what you'll be doing. You'll be going through multiple tests which are all chosen by me to see if you are worthy enough to cultivate in the realm of the gods, which include, teaching, cooking, fighting, and so on. Are you ready? If so, then follow me." Zephyr said, opening a gate behind him that he walked into. Hei went after, followed by nervous cultivators.


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