The Dungeon Master
14 An Unexpected Visi
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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14 An Unexpected Visi

Hei was awake early, and checked the darker part of the shop where he could buy guns, and decided to buy an assault rifle, and his choice was Streyr AUG A3 SF. He headed to train in the dungeon in all three guns he had.

And after a few hours in the dungeon, he came out, with two new skills. But then, he heard knocking. He placed his guns and items in his pocket dimension pouch. He walked to the entrance and opened it.

"Hei! How are you doing?" Two people that looked like they were in their 40s greeted.

"Hello father, hello mother. Come in." Hei said in a still dead inside tone.

"I like what you did with the place." His mother, Mao Wei said.

"Indeed." His father, Rostov Petr Yanovich replied.

Hei's complexion suddenly darkened. "Follow me."

"Why?" Mao asked.

"Just follow him dear. He's been full of surprises as a child, and I'm pretty sure he has some surprises for us." Rostov answered her question.

Hei then remembered the skill enhancement stones he had, and upgraded creation.

'Creation has reached Lv.Max. You can now create anything as long as you imagine it, including life.' A wide evil grin filled Hei's face, befitting an evil overlord. He waved for his parents to follow him into the dungeon, which they did.

Hei immediately led them to different floors. He left his mother with Rio, and his father with Eren, before leaving them there for 2 hours. He went to get them out right after the time passed.

Once the two of them were out, they fell onto the floor. They both got up after a little while. "Congratulations on earning the eagle sniper, and heavenly healer classes." A rare smile formed on Hei's face as those words were said.

They were in utter confusion. "What?" They both asked at the same time.

"You see, father, with your class, your sniper shots will always be accurate, and it's also good considering your job."

"Mother, your class allows to heal people from miles away, and even regenerate body parts."

"Wait, hold on, how much time was that?"

"Two hours."

They both looked down at their clocks and nodded. "He's right..." Mao whispered.

Rostov was confused and afraid at the same time. The training was hellish, but he didn't see anyone get that good in such a short time.

"Take these." He gave each one of them a cultivation manual, and some magic scrolls as he glared at the two of them, meaning they had to learn them, and they did.

Hei nodded as he sat down. "What do you want for lunch?"

"Anything with potatoes." Rostov replied.


Hei made a type of food that contained both, it was a Moroccan dish called Tajine. After eating, they both got up. "Well, we gotta go back now."

Hei nodded. "Have a nice trip back home."

A few hours later, after opening the shop, it seemed that a large army of approximately 50,000 people of many ages were heading his way. Hei grabbed his armor and weapons, he knew nothing good was gonna come out of this.

"Come out, you coward!" An old man yelled.

Hei came out, armored. "Yeah?"

Hei was targeted by killing intent from everyone. "We traced the chi of two of our core disciples to this place! Bring them out!"

"Oh... Those rats. They're dead." Hei replied from behind his mask.

At that moment, a heavy pressure was applied. "Kill him!" At that moment war cries were heard and the earth shook.

"Pathetic." Hei said as he pulled out death's executioner. "Alright then, I'll let those who leave this place live, and the countdown starts. 10..."

"Arrogant fool!" One of the elders yelled.

A few people ran away at Hei's warning. "5.." After which, a few others escaped. "0... And the massacre begins." As he said those words, he charged into the army and immediately, the first 1,000 or so were cut into pieces, and in surprise, everyone froze. Hei put the executioner on his back again and unleashed all of his magic skills, and just like that, the battlefield was in absolute chaos. "Yes..." Hei hissed with a twisted grin as he began spraying magic bullets in the battlefield.

Soon enough, the battlefield was wiped, and only the elders remained, shaking in fear. "You guys' fate will be worse than death!" He said as he used his monster turning technique on them, thinking on what monster to turn them into. He turned one into a 4 tailed fox, the other into a multicolored phoenix, the next into a minotaur, and the last into a hell horse. He absorbed the death chi in the place and turned the disciples into skeletons. He gave some weapons, and some others a trumpet, just for the sake of a meme.

He began cultivating, but for some reason he couldn't break through, and 50,000 people wasn't a small amount. It seemed this was his first challenge in cultivation. He received a notification.

"You received: Summoning room."

"Summoning room: You can keep as many monsters here as you wish. You may summon them whenever you wish."

He immediately put the newly acquired monsters there and went to Rio. "Hey Rio?"

"Yes master?"

"How did you reach ascendence?"

"Uh, there was this thing called heaven's pass. It's like a ticket where you get sent to a pocket dimension and get to cultivate there. Also, there's plenty of rewards."

"When is it?"

"6 months from now." Hei sighed. "What's the matter?"

"If I don't break through soon, everything I touch will die."

"Well, you can just close the shop."

"I guess what we have now is sufficient for six months. Alright."

Hei went and closed the castle's door and went straight to bed.


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