The Dungeon Master
13 Hei And The Contrac
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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13 Hei And The Contrac

Hei was awake the whole night, and had caught some rats sneaking in, and of course he wasn't just gonna 'hand them over to the police' like a good guy. After getting his answers from them, he fed them to the beasts.

He decided to check Life RPG, and got notifications.


Learn alchemy.

Kill a man."


Skill upgrade stone (2). Medicine god set.

Death magic Lv.1. You received licensed D-eagle."

"Ah, okay. I guess if I go on genocide I'll get a reward for that too."

"Correct." The app replied.

Hei turned off his phone and got the food ready, bags under his eyes, even though he was from the overlord class. He still needed sleep. His bloody sleepless eyes were completely red, including the iris, and he was releasing killing intent without realizing it.

"Boss, give me the strongest armor and weapon you have!" A man yelled running in.

"That'll be 5k."

"Alright, just give it to me!"

Hei pulled out to things, a katana and a purple lightning armor, he could make stronger things, but he felt that the world wasn't ready for that, and after getting what he wanted, he left.

Hei looked outside, and saw a storm coming up, following some sort of weird blue humanoid creature which was 8" (2m), it had 4 arms, along with small spikes around certain parts of its body, it also had blades in certain areas around its body. The creature stopped at his doorstep. "You, human." It said while pointing at him.

Hei was actually surprised. This creature actually terrified him, even though he wasn't shaking. "Tell me your name."

"Hei, Hei Long."

"I see, half-Russian, half-Chinese. 22 years old."

"May I ask who your greatness is?" Hei asked him respectfully.

"Drop the honorifics, name's Zephyr King, god of many things, and controller of the dungeon system."

"I didn't imagine god to look like that. Also, can you please stop the rain?"

"Ah, no, I'm not the god everybody believes in." Zephyr said, snapping his fingers and stopping the rain. Just the fact that he was able to stop rain with such ease made Hei believe he was a god. "I'm only here to give you these. All you need for the AWP and D-eagle. These didn't come with the quest rewards because I was too tired and forgot to add them. It's been 2 whole months since I last slept or saw my wife and kids." Zephyr gave him multiple attachments and accessories for the two weapons, which included equippable skins.

"Ah, thanks." Hei said, feeling bad for Zephyr.

"Yeah, just keep up the good work."

Zephyr then jumped back to the heavens. Hei was finally able to breathe freely, Zephyr's presence was truly overwhelming, but he also felt something else. Something which resembled him. It was the fact that they both had a massive amount evil chi in their bodies.

Hei went back to work and saw a bunch of customers racing to the entrance. He pulled everything out, ready for them. And quickly, everything was sold. He then proceeded to watch them get defeated over and over on the first floor.

He then got a notification. "New mode unlocked: Easy." And of course, he wasn't gonna let anybody know until the next day.

Outside of the shop, a limousine was parked, but the people in it didn't come out. When night fell down, Hei didn't close the castle, but left it instead as a bar, and with that, new people came into the castle, and other people he was used to seeing in the morning.

One of his older clients, named Wang sighed. "Hey, boss?"

"Yeah?" Hei looked back at him.

"How do I say this... my wife... She lost her memory. Can you help me?"

Hei pulled out all the needed materials and his newly acquired set. He began making the amnesia pill. It took him half an hour. "Give her one each day. And slowly, but surely she will remember everything."

"Ah..." The man's eyes welled up. "Thank you..."

"No, no crying here, you're a man." He said as he gave him the bottle of pills.

"How much?"

"Free. Take it. No more talk." Hei immediately shut him up.

Once Hei walked to the castle's entrance, with the intent to close it, but then multiple people walked in, some wearing formal suits, shades, and earphones, while two others were only wearing were wearing formal suits walking casually while writing on their notebooks.

Hei knew that these people were important and of high class, as shown by the 5 guards. "This is an interesting place you have... What's wrong with your eyes?"

"Hm?" Hei went to check his eyes in front of a mirror. "Ah, It's just that I haven't slept for two days this week."

"I see. Well, I'll skip straight to the point seeing your state. We want to make a game based on your dungeon."

"And? Why do you have to come to my hou- castle for that. You could make the game and just say it's your idea."

"What? You don't know?"

"Know what?"

"You're famous! And not just here, but in multiple other places. If we made the game without your permission, our company's reputation would be ruined!"

"Oh, ok. Where's the contract." One of the men in black gave him a paper which was the contract. He read the contract slowly. "I only have two problems."

"And they are...?"

"The fact that if I ended up signing this, I can't sign with other game companies. And I don't need 50 percent of the profit, I only want 25 percent." Hei was greedy, but not that greedy.


"I don't want a game based on my dungeon to be crap."

"He does have a valid reason." Said the other guy who didn't speak up to now. "Alright, you got it."

After that, Hei created a second contract with his own rules and signed it. Right after that, they left. He closed the entrance to the castle. He fed everybody and went to sleep.


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