The Dungeon Master
12 Evolution
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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12 Evolution

The next morning, Hei woke up to his phone buzzing. It was Life RPG.

"Your beasts and dungeon are ready to evolve. Would you like to proceed?" Hei tapped the yes option and went back to sleep. He woke up to a heavier weight than usual. The babies grew bigger, the cause was probably the evolution.

Hei got up and started to make breakfast. He sighed and began to think of making the shop bigger. He turned the shop into a ring and went to look for a large piece of land to buy nearby. He wanted to make the shop have more of a castle feel to it. That's why he was buying a new piece of land, he was gonna make it into a castle. He then began looking on the internet.

Hei bought several pieces of land near each other, and his shop's location changed in the maps app. He made the ring back into his coffee shop. He opened Life RPG and made it into a large castle with multiple floors, rooms, multiple basements, and a torture room. He gave up on trying to be the good guy.

He began making things, such as an app for the dungeon. A room for games in the fourth floor, just for people to do something while waiting. He then proceeded to install multiple wi-fi's in all rooms, after which, he decided to make items to replace the garbage in the item and weapon shop.

He boiled some water, got some medicinal herbs and a potion vial. He made the medicine into powder, he then grabbed the boiling water kettle and poured the water on the powder which was now in a small pot. He placed the pot on fire until it became a liquid. He then poured it into a vial.

'You got alchemy Lv.1'

He then spent the whole morning making pills and potions. He proceeded to hide them in one of the drawers. All the drawers were 5 sqft. He then sent the app to everyone on the discord. He did have one of those.

He was then flooded by questions, such as where was the shop, and how he got stronger. He sent the shop's coordinates and nothing more. He then heard multiple cars stop at the parking lot, and most of the customers were there.

"Anything now, boss?" Hao asked.

Hei pointed to the screen of one of the stations.

"Wait... Hobgoblins?!" Hao asked.

"Yes." Hei simply replied.

"Anyway, I kind of like what you did with the place. How much did it take you?"

"About 100k for everything." Hei replied.

"Do you even have that much?"

"Yes. Anyway, let's switch subjects. I made some new stuff in the item shop."

"Can I see?"

"Yeah, sure." Hei said as he pulled out a bunch of weapons and armor.

"These are quite good. How much for these two?" Hao said as he grabbed a robe and a large sword.

"500 dollars both."

Hao sighed as he pulled out the money. "Well, there go my funds for this month."

"You get 5 free beast soul pills with them."

Hao was surprised. "Those are too valuable."

"No, I won't listen to how valuable it is and blah blah blah. Take it!" Hei said as he gave him a small bottle.

Hei went back to work, playing a game on his phone, and curiosity soon got the other costumers. He sold all he had for the day. "Sorry guys, we're out of stock for everything." The ones who got what they wanted left happily, and the others went away, feeling defeated, but they were gonna come back tomorrow early.

Hei closed the shop after everyone left, and stayed awake for the night, cultivating and creating stuff.


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