The Dungeon Master
11 Setting Off To The Meeting
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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11 Setting Off To The Meeting

Hei woke up and got his stuff ready. He walked out of the cafe and it became a small golden ring he wore on one of his fingers. A portal, leading to a large luxurious building. He walked into it, not really expecting a lot. He was was wearing his formal white suit, humming a song. He looked around and saw people dressed in fancy clothes made of fur, and other materials. They were also wearing crystals on their fingers, some even had crowns. Hei was looking for somewhere to sit, but didn't find anything, so he just checked on the video of the babies hatching, and the views were absurd, 100 million views was something that he didn't even think he would achieve. He didn't want to socialize with these bastards.

After around half an hour or so, a man dressed like a king arrived. "Hello, dear dungeon masters. I am Yao Zhang, leader of the dungeon master association. I'll skip straight to the point, a hell level monster has appeared on earth." At those words, everyone was surprised except for Hei who was checking his phone. "You there." Yao pointed to Hei.

Hei looked up at him, completely uninterested. "Yes?"

"Are you uninterested?"

"Yes." Hei replied, not showing any sort of fear or emotion on his face. "Besides, I'm not allowing you cunts to enter my planet for the sake of a single beast."

"Then prove how strong you are."

"Where's the arena?" Hei asked.

"I'll explain to you. First, your beasts' physical condition is measured, next is your and their level of cultivation. That can be done through-" Yao was cut off by Hei who threw his phone in his face.

"What exactly do you think you're doing?" A woman dressed in a purple dress asked him.

"You keep your nose out of this."

"How dare you talk to the boss' wife like that!" A ruckus arose.

"No one asked for your useless comments. Fuck off."

"All bark and no bite." Someone said.

Hei released his aura and killing intent at which everyone in the room froze. He looked up at Yao who was slowly scrolling through his phone. "You done?" He asked.

"Y-Yeah." Yao said as he gave him back his phone respectfully, and at his actions, evryone was surprised.

Hei went to the portal before hearing a voice. "I challenge you to a duel!" A man dressed in green robes said. He looked in his 40s, most likely to be around the lord class. Hei pulled out the dagger.

"If you live, that's your warning." The dagger was coated by Shiro's poison. Hei jumped up and slashed his hand before leaving. After he was back home, Hei saw a large hydra at his doorstep. "Really?"

"Art thou strong enough to become my lord?"

"I doubt." After those words, the hydra seemed to have been absorbed into his body. "Seriously?" He asked.

"Yes." The hydra appeared out of black smoke behind him.

"So what are you exactly right now? Some sort of stand?"

"..." The hydra stayed silent.

"Ok, what do I gain from this?"

"Well, like two levels of cultivation, another martial soul, and two other forms once fully mastered." The hydra answered his quests. He screamed internally and walked outside. Swords were about to fall straight at him as well as that a man with a large sledgehammer was there.

"No, fuck you, I'm not taking this bullshit." He said as he used his creation to create a shield reinforced with dark magic, and put on a song. Dio-Holy Diver. He grabbed his scythe and ran to the giant. He aimed for the head and absorbed its chi, which wasn't enough to break through. He flew back down and turned the ring back into the cafe.

He fed everyone and cultivated a little before going to bed.


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