The Dungeon Master
10 The Annual Dungeon Master Meeting
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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10 The Annual Dungeon Master Meeting

When Hei woke up, he felt heavy... because the hatchlings were sleeping on his body. Hei smiled at the sight before making food for everyone, after looking for what they ate, that he brought from nearby pet stores. He then proceeded to his morning routine. After which, he opened the shop, he decided to share the footage of the babies hatching on a certain website and waited for customers. But then, he got a message from Life RPG, saying: "You have been invited to the annual dungeon master meeting."

Hei sighed and put his phone back in his pocket. "Hey, boss." Two new individuals -a male and a female- came in. "We'd like a cup of hot coffee and some cookies." Hei disappeared into the kitchen and came out with their food. "Well that was fast." They both sat down at a table, before Hei realized. They were on a date. Hei just didn't want to speak today, for no particular reason. He touched a button under the counter and the atmosphere suddenly turned romantic. And instead of light bulbs, it was now candles lighting the place as he played some slow music from the music for the two. The two were surprised by this. But Hei was just sitting on the counter, waiting for other customers.

A man in his twenties walked in, with a fan in hand, wearing a golden suit, and Hei was ready to kick him out if he showed any arrogant behavior. "Pathetic place, can't believe that old man likes it." Right when he said those words, a dagger was by his throat. He had no time to react as Hei's killing intent spread around the room, making it hard to breathe. The man's eyes were pointed at Hei, full of fear.

"Young master!" Some of the other disciples who came with him said in surprise. "Release him now!"

Hei's killing intent was now directed at the other disciples, and his body was releasing the usual dark aura. "Sorry, mister Hei, I can't allow you to kill him." Wu walked in.

Hei sighed and let him go, looking at him with a look of disgust. He dared to act disrespectful in Hei's shop. Wu nodded. "This is our sect's young master: Zhang Yu." Zhang was frozen in place by Hei. "If I may ask, what is your cultivation level?" Wu asked. Hei grabbed a paper and wrote on it. "Lord." The paper said.

Wu was surprised. This young man who isn't even in his thirties, reached Lord class which took him 5 years. Hei then awaited for what they wanted. Wu then got an interesting idea. "Hey, boss?" Wu asked. Hei turned his head toward Wu. "If you manage to defeat your own dungeon. I'll give you a hundred high grade spirit crystals." Hei went to the second floor to put on some swimming shorts, and then came back half-naked. He walked to his first dungeon. A guy who was also there sent it to his friend, and it went on till everyone who came to Hei's dungeon knew. Hei was now fighting the goblins, using only his physical abilities.

Hei then proceeded to the second floor and avoided the harpies. He created a bunch of swords and sent them fly in their way. Only knocking them out using the hilt. He still didn't know if he went through a true raid, they would come back. Next was Dan, the hellhound. Dan's attacks were vicious and fast, but Hei managed to knock him out.

Next was the third floor, filled with large fire birds of flame. He defeated them by draining the chi out of this place, since they didn't have a physical form. Blaze ran out like a rocket, but Hei managed to dodge. Hei sent a small blast of water his way. He made sure it wouldn't kill him.

Everyone was surprised at his speed in clearing the dungeon, and unavoidably, a fan club began forming. Hei was now fighting against Forest using entomancy. He then proceeded to Shiro's area which was a large area filled with scorpions and poisonous creatures. The fight took about two minutes until Shiro arrived. Hei hit him on the head and he passed out.

The next floor was a dark night, but Hei managed to deal with the mobs with ease before heading towards Nightmare. He managed to defeat Nightmare with some magic.

Next was Kuro, and after him was Eren. This place was also a dark place, but it was birds instead. He managed to knock them out by flicking their heads. Kuro awoke and dived towards Hei. Hei just stepped a little away from Kuro, and Kuro knocked himself out.

Eren's floor was full of unicorns he defeated using his dark aura. Eren then came out, throwing multiple crystals in Hei's way, that he managed to dodge. He blocked them and threw a rock at his head, that wasn't thrown that hard. Eren was knocked out.

Hei took the portal back to the first floor and stretched. His name appearing on the leaderboard. He went to put on his usual clothes and walked to the third floor. "Boss Hei. Is there a way to get a replay?!"

"Yeah!" They said.

Hei pulled out his phone and showed them an app named: Black dragon's dungeon, and in it was all the footage. He sent a few of them the app and they shared it with each other. The day went by quickly. He didn't forget to feed the hatchlings either. He went to sleep around 1 in the morning.


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