The Dungeon Master
9 At Last, The First Floor Is Conquered
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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9 At Last, The First Floor Is Conquered

The next morning, Hei went to train with Rio on the other stuff, and repeated the morning routine. He checked on the eggs, and saw that they needed a few hours to hatch. He sat down at the counter, and waited. He checked what the beast shop had, and was absolutely disappointed. The armor and crystals were highly priced garbage.

Tonight, the seven people squad came with another man. It was Wu Shang. "Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to lower your cultivation to the grandmaster class."

Wu Shang chuckled. "Impressive." He said as he lowered his cultivation.

"Alright. Please proceed to the first station."

They did as they were told and headed there, activating their abilities. "Tiger, watch out!" The bat yelled as an arrow was heading his way, which managed to miss due to her warning. They drew out their weapons, ready to fight. Wu was quite surprised at how cautious they were against goblins. Thanks to his improved senses, he managed to find the goblins and shot multiple flying swords they managed to easily stop. "Wait what?" Wu was quite surprised. He grabbed his sword and ran to one of the goblins. This was the first time in a long time that he managed to get a fight this good. The goblin he was facing off against. Today, after he made a sign outside telling everyone about the third floor, the first was quite empty, with only a few individuals.

After a while, Wu Shang and the others managed to defeat the first floor, and then he heard the cheers of everyone from the two floors. Now, it was time to face off against the second floor. And right as they entered, loud screeching was heard as sonicbooms headed towards their heads. The cheers from just now turned into surprised yelps.

He grabbed them and carried them to the second floor. And the day went on, however, weirdly enough, he decided to make it a little better. "Everyone, please head down to the first floor, I have an important announcement, and everyone just ran down.

"What is it, boss Hei?"

"Yeah tell us!"

"Come on!"

"Alright, calm down. You see these things? These are hatchers, each one holds 5 eggs, and I have 20. You're about to witness 100 baby pets hatching at the same time."

At first, it seemed that everyone was disappointed, but that wasn't it. They were just surprised, and soon enough, their expressions turned into wide smiles. The hatchers disappeared back into his pocket dimension. The eggs were heard cracking. And everyone's smiles were even wider. Many many baby pets were there, and they started squeaking. He then remembered he didn't have enough milk for everyone of the hatchlings. "SHIT!" He yelled.

"What's wrong boss?" One of the customers asked.

"I don't have enough milk for everyone of them!" He said.

"Everyone, go buy all the milk you can! For boss Hei!"

"For boss Hei!"

"Wh-" He was cut off by everyone running out. That was confusing. In less than half an hour, Hei had multiple babies over his body. Multiple cars parked in the building's parking lot and the earth shook. All of his clients ran into the building, with bags ful of milk cartons. He grabbed some of the cartons and made them boil in the kitchen inside a pot.

He achieved the wanted result and placed it to cool. After it became warm, he grabbed 100 plates and gave them the milk, and slowly, they managed to gather the courage to drink it. And he just watched them. Although they were all of different species, and some normally couldn't drink milk, they did it.

The day went by, as Hei was taking care of the babies, and served the customers. Once it was closing time. He closed the shop, really tired. Then he heard knocking, which caused him to become angry. A heavy aura of death surrounded him as he opened the door.

"Sir, would you like to...!" The man was immediately alerted at his strength and his killing intent that was just surrounding the whole area. 'I messed up, badly.' The man thought.

"No, I'm not interested in joining your stupid sect. Now leave, I want to sleep." He said as he shut the door in his face.

The man was confused. How did Hei know that he wabted him to join their sect. The man wasn't stupid, so he just left off to the next house. When Hei didn't hear knocking on his door, he knew this man wasn't stupid. Hei went to sleep right after that.


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