The Dungeon Master
8 Revamping The Whole Place
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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8 Revamping The Whole Place

Hei had woke up early, but then remembered it was sunday. He got up and went to buy food for his "pets". He bought lots of meat, vegetables, and fruits. Some chocolate as well. He went back home and cooked stuff, sharing some of the chocolate with the dungeon pets. It wasn't poisonous thanks to their immune system.

He then began scrolling through the app, and clicked the customization option. He began working, renewing the first and second floor, placing hidden cameras able to measure out people's cultivation. Next, he decided to make a third floor where three large screens were for people to watch so the first floor isn't crowded, after which, he decided to add beds and hot springs in the second. All of this took a lot of money, after all, nothing is free, and he will get his money back.

After which, he began thinking about mascots. What should his mascot be? He kept thinking and hit his head on the table in anger. But then, he got an idea, why just one mascot? How about three! He began designing the flag. And it contained his first three pets, the siamese cat named Sky, the shiba called (Fat) Fox, and the ball python called (Solid) snake. However his drawing skills were absolute garbage, so instead, the dungeon did what he wanted. He walked to the roof and sticked the 50 flags on its sides.

But with that, came another problems, annoying brats, he then remembered a quote on the internet. "Though frowned upon, it's not wrong to call a toddler an asshole." And who was he? The man who hated everyone except his customers and pets. He then went to check on the app again. "Option unlocked: Trading." And right as he saw it, he was flooded by requests to trade his beasts. But no way in hell was he gonna trade his pets. "Option unlocked: Auction. Shop." He decided to check the shop option. "Special event, mystery eggs. Chance of acquiring grade 1-8 baby pets." A wide grin appeared on his face and he decided to buy all 100 eggs available, since they only cost 1 dollar each. then bought an item called a hatcher, it looked like a small orange tube. One was able to hold five eggs in it, so he bought 20. He carefully placed the eggs inside it, and went to check out if he forgot anything. "Wait, where is the item shop for the customers?" He saw an arrow pointing to a shelf under the counter. He opened it and saw a portal. "Wait... A pocket dimension?" He shrugged and jumped in, and saw a bunch of armor and clothes, as well as weapons in the other room.

Hei walked to the next room and saw all kinds of weapons. He went back out and nodded, it seems that only he could enter it. He then got a paper in front of him, saying: "Should you scam any of the customers by giving them trash equipments unless they don't have the money for higher equipment, you shall have these two shops removed." Hei nodded and signed the paper which turned into ash as it burned itself. He then proceeded to add another sign. "New item+weapon shop."

Hei then went to the dungeon and gave 6 medium spirit crystals to each one of them, since he had high grade ones. He went back out and took the higher level crystals, He used all 50 of them and skipped through master and grandmaster levels, straight into lord level, and heard rumbling outside. He walked out and saw seven thunders of different colors heading his way. "You have got to be fucking kidding me." He said as got hit. This was something that happened when one reaches lord class, and higher, but for normal cultivators, it was only one normal strike of lightning. Why did he get seven? Cause he cultivated with an evil manual. But he didn't know that.

The sky cleared up after that. He managed to survive, thanks to his training which increased his stats, and his massive health bar. He just cursed at the heavens. "You know what, fuck you." He said as he went back into the shop. It wasn't dark yet, so he decided to go out for a walk with everyone. He got everyone out of the dungeon.

"Milord, why are we here?" The dragon he named Rio asked.

"Just to suffer?"

"Wait, what?" Rio was confused.

Hei chuckled. "Sorry, I just had to. Let's go out for a walk, I'm sure everyone wants to see what the world outside looked like." He said.

"Well..." Rio scratched the back of his head.

"Rio, I know you want to go."

"Fine, fine."

Hei nodded and walked off somewhere, and the whole market place looked at him and his pets. He wore a white suit, a fedora of the same color, and a blue tie. He also carried the AWP, the scythe and the AWP's bullets in a small bag that was a pocket dimension he kept in pocket. He ignored everyone's glances, and even the police were absolutely terrified.

Meanwhile, the pets were full of curiosity and awe. His first customers were actually there. "Wait, isn't that boss Hei?" One of the two 16 year old guys, named Hao asked his friend, name Wang. "Yeah, it is." Hei was alone at the moment, because his pets were playing somewhere nearby. "Who?" A man who seemed to be in his 50s asked. "Disciple pays respect to elder Wu Shang!" They both bowed. The elder nodded. "That is mister Hei Long, he's a dungeon master."

"Hm..." Wu tried to see through Hei's level of cultivation, and was in immediate fright. He had never seen such immense death qi. A little while later, Rio came back with everyone on his back, and this time, all three were surprised. "Are you sure he's not some evil lord of darkness?"

"I've never seen him cultivate or do anything evil."

"Nor did I."

"Return to the sect, it's getting dark." Wu Shang commanded.

"Yes, elder." The two said as they flew back on their swords.

Hei got up. He heard a car and police sirens. He grabbed the AWP and a single bullet, from its sound, the car was driving faster than 100 km/h. He took a deep breath and got ready to shoot. Weird enough, it seemed way slower than when he heard it. He went prone, and once it was in view, he shot one of its tires, causing it to roll over multiple times. He set the sniper rifle on his back and ran to stop it, since it was heading towards pedestrians. He jumped and grabbed it.

Seeing how Hei was unable to stop it alone, Wu Shang threw a talisman to make it lighter. With his help, Hei stopped it and set it back on the ground. The car was a truck, the type used in war. Hei let out a sigh of relief and went to see the stuff in the back. It was people who were tied and had their mouths shut with duct tape.

After a few seconds, police arrived and arrested the terrorists. Hei walked to Wu. "Thank you for helping me there, lots of people were gonna get hurt without your help."

"It's fine, young one. What you did was the right thing to do."

Hei nodded and turned around, heading back home with his pets.

Wu stroked his long white beard. "If I manage to make him into an ally, he'd be a great help."

Once back home, The pets went to sleep, and so did Hei.


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