The Dungeon Master
7 Crafting Weapons And Armor
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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7 Crafting Weapons And Armor

The next morning, Hei woke up early, and so, he repeated his morning routine. He then headed outside to buy materials. He came back around half an hour later with all the stuff he needed, before heading into the second dungeon. He headed for Vince. He pat and fed Vince before asking him to help. He had received a tutorial from the system, instructing him on how to make weapons and armor. He was purely making them for himself.

Two gours later in the dungeon, he finally managed to make a dagger. He then began making swords. Another five hours in the dungeon, he made a katana. 'You have completed the requirements for the blacksmith class. Now adding a new class.' The voice rang in his head. 'Blacksmithing increased to level 2.'

He then proceeded to make a new amor, a futuristic looking one with blades attached to its arms. After a full day in the dungeon, he finally managed to make it. He began to read the weapns and the armor's description. 'Blacksmithing incresed to level 5.'

"Dagger: Made by an evil master. Extremely poisonous and can result in instant death if aimed precisely. SP: 30+ ATT: 20+ DEF: -10."

"Katana: If used correctly, it can cut someone with ease. It also has a bunch of magic crystals on the base of its hilt, and on the right and left sides of the sword, and with it, it couldswitch its elements, effects, and range. ATT: 70+ SP: 50+."

"Demon king armor: This armor is the strongest thing a dungeon master can craft. It has a large magic that increases your cultivation level by two levels when worn. Passive ability: MP and MA x3. ATT: 100+ DEF: 100+ SP: 100+."

He was a little pissed because everything he made was evil, but he was quite satisfied by what he made. He got up and headed upstairs to open the shop, and some quite unfamiliar famces queing in front of the door. He opened the shop and sat behind the counter. "We'd like a VR dungeon sequence."ked.

"Your levels of cultivation?" Hei asked.

"We're all Sky level."

"I see. Get into the second level and you'll get a refund. That'll be 250 dollars."

Weird enough, today, all his four stations were full. "Hey boss?" A new customer asked.

"Yes?" Hei replied.

"Even though this place is high tech, I don't see any defense mechanisms. How do you defend yourself against robbers?"

"These." He said as he pulled out his three weapons.

"Damn, that's cool."

Hei nodded and carried the first guys to pass out upstairs. He then went back and signaled for the next group to head to the empty station. He hid his weapons back again. Today was a busy day, but he got a lot of money out of it, so it was worth it.

Hei began cultivating. He was gonna pull out an all-nighter to break through that master level.

Meanwhile, the thing was destroying everyone who stood in its path, looking for its new master.

Hei had broken through the master level, but it was already morning. He shook his head and went to do the morning, now adding another hour to master his swordsmanship and blacksmithing. He went to check on his phone to see if he had anything new.

"Mission complete: Become a blacksmith.

Mission complete: Craft a weapon.

Mission complete: Craft armor.

Mission complete: Become a swordsman.

Mission complete: Get 2 classes.

Mission complete: Get 3 classes.

Mission complete: Earn more than 1k in one day.

Mission complete: Earn more than 2k in one day."


Admantium cube (3) (12m)

Weapon crystal: Grade 1.

50 magic crystals (medium).

50 magic crystals (high).

Weapon shop: Now open.

Item shop: Now open."

He was kinda disappointed in the second reward, but opened it first.

"You got: Fusion sword: When fused with another weapon, it could change it into something of a higher grade."

After which, he cheked the weapon shop and item shop, which were exactly what their names said. He then went to check on the fusion option, and a new text appeared: New option: Weapon/Armor fusion.

He touched the new option. "Fuse: Katana, fusion sword, and an admantium cube." In less than 5 ck seconds, a scythe came out instead.

"Death's executioner: This hell class weapon can easily cut through dimensions, and the strongest metals. ATT: 2000+ DEF: 500+ SP: 350+."

That was a nice weapon. He also got back some of the cube. He then proceeded to fuse the armor and admantium.

"Demon god's armor, the same design, but stronger. ATT: 1000+ DEF: 1000+ SP: 400+."

He went to open the shop next. And the day just kinda flew by. Hei closed the shop and went to sleep.


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