The Dungeon Master
5 Slowly Becoming OP
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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5 Slowly Becoming OP

The next morning when he woke up, he went to do the usual training with the goblins, for an hour in real world.

After that, when he cheked his phone, he received several notifications from Life RPG.

"Mission complete: Get customers.

Mission complete: Use household magic.

Mission complete: Summon rank 1 monster.

Mission complete: Summon rank 3 monster.

Mission complete: Summon rank 4 monster.

Mission complete: Summon rank 5 monster.

Mission complete: Level up a skill.

Mission complete: Learn Chi control."

He got up and went to make food, after which he checked out the missions, and he got these rewards. (They're in irder btw.)

"You received licensed AWP with magic enchanted ammo.

You received: Master chef cooking kit.

You received: Scythe mastery Lv. 1.

You received: Fusion Lv. 1.

You received: Entomancy Lv. 1.

You received: Trap setting Lv. 1.

You received: Creation Lv. 1.

You received: Nine death dragons cultivation technique."

"WHAT AM I, THE VILLAIN?!" He yelled. After not receiving a reply, he sighed and checked the techniques he didn't understand yet.

"Fusion: You are able to fuse monsters to get stronger ones, the amount of monsters you can fuse will increase as much as your mastery of this skill increases. Current amount of fusable monsters: 2."

"Entomancy: The ability to control and summon insects. You can create your own insects at higher levels."

"Creation: The ability to create objects. You can only create objects at your current level. At higher levels, you can even create life."

"Nine death dragons technique: The ultimate yin gathering technique, with it, one can even reach hell cultivation level, the cursed, forbidden one."

There are 12 cultivation levels:

(From strongest to weakest)












And the forbidden one, the strongest of all: Hell.

He screamed internally at that last description. Well, no use getting angry over that. He opened the book and read through it, only when he gained complete understanding of it, he began cultivating, and in two hours, he broke into the earth class. "Pretty slow, but ok." If a cultivator heard him, they would have killed him.

He opened the door to his shop, awaiting new customers. He cultivated a little, and black smoke was rising from his body. A little while later, two men that seemed to be in their 20s walked in. He stopped his cultivation and went to greet them. "Hello sirs, how may I help you?"

"Ah, yes, I would like pancakes and dark coffee." One said.

"Give me waffles and dark coffee."

"As you wish." He said as he went to the kitchen. He came back with their food in 15 minutes. "Here you go."

They were seated on a table, which had engravings on it. He had also given them maple syrup. The two quickly devoured the food, since he did make it with the master chef cooking kit. "Bill please." One raised his hand.The bill was 10 dollars. The two paid and left. He went back to cultivating. Not really a lot of time after, three other men stepped in.

"How may I help you?" Hei asked.

"We'll get the VR dungeon sequence."

"That'll be 150 dollars. If you survive for longer than 10 minutes you will get a refund."

They paid the fee and headed towards the station. It was the same first floor. Silently, the goblins approached, and the raiders had no idea. Multiple projectiles headed their way from different directions, which they managed to partly dodge. They received some damage and suddenly, Zeo jumped up from the tall grass, which they managed to block, but they did not expect Lei's swing. They had no time to react as the sledgehammer hit them.

They got up, coughing blood. "Tiger's senses!" One who had long hair and a purple robe said.

"Rhino's defense." One who looked a bit chubby said. He had a bowl cut and a white robe.

"Bear's might!" The next one who had a brown robe.

The tiger martial soul artist ran first, but little did he know, he would fall into a large hole made by Hei. One down, two left. The other two saw the projectiles falling at them like rain and forfeit. "We forfeit." Thet said and got transported back to the real world.

After putting them in the second floor, Hei went to train on using his newly acquired sniper rifle in the dungeon, with the help of a certain video website, he knew how to handle it. He went straight to the tenth floor for the mythrill horse to help him with his aim. He equipped a scope on it and got ready. The horse neighed as it left a bunch of crystals floating. He managed to partially hit some of them. He asked the horse, named Eren to do it again, and so it did.

"Skill acquired: Sniper mastery Lv. 1." After hearing that, he knew he learned the basics.

"Eren 5km/h flying crystal." Eren nodded his head and made a crystal fly a bit away from the rifle. He missed. "Again." This time he managed to tear off the front. "From 100 meters back?" Eren did what he was told.

'Sniper mastery has increased to Lv. 2.'

He grinned at those words and shot it again. He managed to get on the first try this time. "Alright let's go for 20 km/h." He managed to hit it on the first try. "500 Meters next."

After 30 minutes in the real world, he came back with a level 3 sniper master with the ability to kill somebody inside of a 100 km/h car. After the three took a bath, they came to get their food. "We'd like today's special. All three of us. And an orange juice for me."

"Coming right up!" He said as he disappeared into the kitchen.

He came back with juicy looking steak, it was well done. The three ate it quickly. "Thanks boss." They said as they left. The guys from yesterday didn't come. He shrugged and closed the shop.

He cultivated a little before going to sleep.

Meanwhile, down underground, something awakened. "I must find him. I must find my next lord."


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