The Dungeon Master
4 Earning Money
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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4 Earning Money

The neighbours and the police had their suspicions about Hei. They did not see him in the shelter, but they couldn't just accuse him of anything. That's why his neighbours decided to visit him. They knocked on his door. Hei went on and opened it as he kept his poker face.

"Hey, neighbour-" They greeted before getting cut off by him.

"Buy something or leave. You're not getting any discounts just because you're my neighbours." Hei answered.

"Wh-" One of them said.

He shut the door in their faces and went back in. He turned on the TV before seeing something which intrigued him. "With the help of cultivators, we have now started a bunch of new jobs according to your classes. You do not need papers." After that, he got up, and checked the app for how to start his dungeon master business, after reading through the whole guide, he received a bunch of special headsets he put in some stations, with them, one was able to raid the dungeon like a VR game.

Hei had read about this in the app. That you can either raid a dungeon in VR mode, which would cause you to pass out for 30 minutes if you die, or raid it physically, which would cause death. He also added another sign, that said: "With every purchase, you get a meal of your choosing."

After which, he sat down and waited. Soon enough, two blue robed figures walked in, they looked in their 16s. "Hello. How may I help you?" Hei asked.

"Yes, we would like to get two VR sequences."

"That will be 100 dollars for both of you."

"Such a scam."

"Try it first, and if you manage to survive for more than 5 minutes, you get a refund. Deal?"

"Deal!" They replied.

Hei got his money and led them to the first station. "Also, note this, 5 minutes here is 1 hour in the dungeon. You get 3 hours in the dungeon." He said as he gave them their VR headsets. They put on their headsets.

The first floor was a forest, filled with greenery. It was so real that one would feel the grass when they touched it, but they had no time to enjoy the view as five goblins appeared, one had a large broadsword, another had a sledgehammer, the next had a bow larger than its body, right after it, was one that had multiple daggers it was playing with, and lastly was one that had a staff. And all of them had large muscles as well as good armor thanks to their training with Hei.

"This will be easy." One said.

"So what if you're armed, a weapon without the ability to use it is useless. Looks like this dungeon really was a scam."

Suddenly, the goblins' expressions turned grim, and a heavy pressure appeared, followed by an intense theme. The two surprised cultivators pulled out their swords. The first to attack was the sword goblin, named Zeo, he went for a swing on one of the cultivators which managed to block it, after which a bunch of arrows were fired at them from a tree by Ian, that were then followed by strike to the stomach by Lei.

The cultivators had no time to react to the barrage of attacks, and were immediately brought back. The screen went black and that's how Hei knew they passed out. He carried both of them to the second floor where the resting area and bathroom were.

After 30 minutes, the two woke up. "Where are we?" They asked.

"The second floor. Take a bath and come down for your free meal."

They did as they were told. The bath was nothing special, just a normal public bathroom. After taking a quick bath, the two came down and ordered their food. They just ordered a burger each. Hei went to the kitchen for five minutes and came back with their food. The burgers looked EXACTLY like the burgers in commercials, making the cultivators' mouths water at the smell. They grabbed it and ate it in less than a minute.

"Thanks boss...?" One of them said.

"Hei. Hei Long."

"Alright, boss, we'll be sure to come back with more people!" The other said.

Hei nodded and went back to waiting. And the whole day went on without any other costumers. Hei closed his shop and went to sleep.


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