The Dungeon Master
3 Setting Up The Dungeon
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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3 Setting Up The Dungeon

Hei slept from night till afternoon because of what happened yesterday. He grabbed his head and looked at the pets standing beside his bed. He got up and went to make food. After eating his meal which consisted of eggs and tomatoes, he looked at his newest phone before seeing a new app called: Life RPG.. "I don't remember downloading this app..." He tapped and opened it, before text appeared on it, saying: "Please hold the red button to measure your cultivation and martial spirit." He tapped it and got another text:

"Martial realm: Mortal.

Martial spirit: ???

Class: Dungeon Master.

Level: 10.

HP: 5000/5000.

MP: 7500/7500.

ATT: 20.

DEF: 16.

MA: 50.

SP: 15.

IQ: 124."

He was quite satisfied with most of the results, before a new screen popped up, showing multiple options, such as, Skills, Items, Manuals, and others. He clicked on skills since he was curious about one of the skills, it was the one called turn monster.

"Turn Monster: On land that is rightfully yours (Heritage, Bought, Contracted, etc.) You can turn anyone you want into a monster according to their level and martial spirit, they cannot resist, and will always be loyal to you."

He took a deep breath. Wasn't this thing OP? He shrugged it off and walked out of his house to see a bunch of people. His neighbors that he hated, another cafe's owner, and others who were devastated about what had happened to their homes. He walked back in and sat down. The electricity should have been fixed. He opened to his favourite program before breaking news appeared on its screen and a chopper flying on top of the neighborhood. He turned off the TV and watched some stuff on an app.

The chopper had landed and the news people started interviewing the inhabitants. Hei heard knocking on his door. He went to open it.

"Sir, can you explain what happened here?" The female interviewer asked him.

And Hei's reply was: "No, fuck off." He said as he slammed the door.

He went back to watching his series before hearing knocking again. He went and opened the door again. "Sir, please-"

He just slammed the door this time. He hummed softly as he watched again. But once again, he heard knocking, and at that moment, he snapped. He punched everyone in front of his house before walking back in. He began setting up his dungeon, which began by entering his basement. He opened a menu of his house and received a bunch of items. He started working. First things first. He began setting up traps, and low rank monsters for the first floor. And got a bunch of items.

"Grade 4 monster summon crystal (3). Grade 3 monster summon crystal (5). Grade 5 monster summon item (1)."

He took the grade 3 summon crystals and began channeling his chi through them, which was a bit hard considering it was only a level 1 skill, but he managed to get the hang of it. He received a hellhound, a fire fox, a tropical elephant, a psychic tiger, and a dream devourer as grade 3 beasts. For grade 4, he got a great white emperor snake, and a nightmare owl. For rank 5, he got a mythrill unicorn. And in his mind, he was just like, 'great!'

He began thinking of places where to put them, he found the best place to be the tenth and last floor, which was as much as he was allowed at the moment. He stationed them on 9 floors, from the second to the last and began thinking about why he was doing this. But shrugged it off. It was around 6 in the morning. He did not realize that because of how much fun he was having.

He closed the menu and went to sleep after locking the doors shut.


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