The Dungeon Master
2 The Appearance Of Martial Artists
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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2 The Appearance Of Martial Artists

By the next morning, Hei's cafe was an absolute mess. He got up and opened the basement's door, and found one man with long hair, dressed in a long blue robe standing between the corpses of the monsters. He ordered his beasts to stay in the basement.

Hei walked up to the man. "How may I help you?" He asked.

The man turned around and said. "Are you this shop's owner?"

"I am, name's Hei Long." Hei politely answered.

The man yawned and sat on a table that somehow was not broken. "Make me some coffee." He rrequested.

"As you wish." He said walking to the kitchen and grabbing a ripped coffee bag, and made the coffee the manual way. Since his electricity was destroyed.

He poured it into a cup and gave it to the man, who in return gave him some sort of unknown currency.

"Keep the change, mister Hei."

Hei nodded and took the money. It was a gold coin with a few engravings on it. The man stretched his arms before leaving. Hei then proceeded to make food, but then suddenly, he got a headache.

'You just completed the requirements to the dungeon master class, transferring classes.'

"What the bloody hell was that?" He asked himself.

He shook his head and went to the basement, signaling for themto come out. The beasts walked out of the basement with the pets, and all of them were hungry. He looked up what moths, lizards, and eagles were supposed to be fed. He then grabbed some of the money he'd been hiding before remembering that the whole street was in ruins. He stole as much money as possible from the nearby places, using the excuse of it being burnt or so on when the monsters appeared and brought back the ingredients for the food from the nearby supermarket as well as a few things he needed. The process took him around an hour.

He made the food for his pets first, and then gave Vincent a large part of meat, Luna some rotten fruits, because the other things they ate were absolutely disgusting, and lastly, some fish for Sun. He then went on to cook something for himself.

The whole day went on without anything else happening, except for the fact that he threw all the broken stuff outside and replaced it.

And at night he received a message.

'You learned Lv. Max Household magic.

You learned Lv. 1 Necromancy.

You learned Lv. 3 Beast Taming.

You learned Lv. 1 Summoning.

You learned Lv. 1 Chi Control.

You learned Lv. 1 Turn Monster."

After that, Hei immediately passed out.


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