The Dungeon Master
1 The Day It All Changed
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The Dungeon Master
Author :Dragoster245
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1 The Day It All Changed

Back in the past, Hei used to sell food, coffee, etc. but all of that changed on one day. Others may call it unfortunate, but he did not. That day, when the portal opened, many deaths were caused in that time because of beasts rampaging, resulting in towns, and even countries disappearing, but just as it looked like the world had no hope, they arrived, martial artists, capable of superhuman feats, but not all of them had kind intentions. They subdued most of the beasts by giving them several countries, to satisfy them, and the mightiest beast of them all was a large black dragon, called the beast king. And the ones in charge of catching- well, more like taming, are called beast tamers, and they are separated into several ranks.

And on that day, Hei was just... minding his own business, selling food, and so on. Until he heard loud knocking on his door. It was 11 at night, and he was closed almost always. He walked and opened the door, since it seemed so urgent.

"How may I help you?" Hei asked in a simple, calm tone.

"Didn't you check news?! Come on, let's go!" The random man asked.

At this point, Hei was in utter confusion. This stranger who just knocked on his door was now giving him orders. He went back to his shop after seeing the man run off.

He went to feed his pets in the back of the building where he and they at night before he heard a loud crash outside, which startled both him and the pets, and no way in hell he was gonna check that out. He locked the door of the room he was in shut. Growling, barking and other noises were heard outside, while only silence was where he was in. He grabbed a metal bat he kept next to him in case of anything happening. But suddenly, something large rammed into the door, leaving a large dent. He hid behind some of the cages and turned off the lights. He grabbed his bat, anxious. A second strike was heard and a large red lizard came in, its scalles were grey, it had rocky legs and it had a flame on its tail. He took silent breaths as the lizard got closer to where he was hiding. Once the lizard's head appeared next to him, he gathered all his might and striked its head, resulting in it being instantly knocked out.

An announcement appeared in his head. 'Would you like to tame salamander?'

He knew that it would help him. 'Yes.'

'Capture complete.' The voice said in his head. 'Would you like to name it?'

'Vincent.' He replied.

Vincent then got up again, looking back at the door. Hei waited for the next one, signaling for Vincent to hide behind him. Vince heeded his orders and did so. This time the monster was a large white moth with an extremely cold body. "Vince, when I give you the signal, shoot a fireball at it." Het th whispered to Vincent. Vincent nodded his head.

Hei got ready to launch himself at it. He ran to it and smacked its head with the bat, which it managed to block using its four arms. "Vince, now!" He whisper screamed. Vincent released multiple fireballs as Hei got out of the way. The moth was hit with them.

'Capture lunar ice moth?'

'Yes!' He immediately said.

'Capture successful. Name?'

'Luna.' He replied.

He took deep breaths, and looked at his bat, which wasn't in good shape, and at the moment, he REALLY needed a weapon. He then remembered he could escape using the back door. Something fast flew through the back door like a speeding bullet. "Trap it." He told the two. They did as they were told, Luna froze the area around it while Vince created a rocky prison.

'Capture golden eagle?'

'Yes. Name will be Sun.'

'Capture complete.'

"Release it." He said to the two and they did what they were told.

Hei grabbed his pets which were a siamese cat, a ball python, and a shiba inu, and walked out to see absolute chaos. He went right back in and headed to the basement and hid there with all his pets.

He locked its entrance and reinforced it with the help of the beasts before heading to sleep.


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