The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
1379 Gu Shinian Became Famous
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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage
Author :Bath Robey
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1379 Gu Shinian Became Famous

Some people had already realized from the start that Gu Shinian behaved particularly like a tiny adult when he spoke. They were completely unable to see any sign of other children his age.

Of course, they still left out a few parts of the argument. Otherwise, the impact would be too negative. They also made the reasons for and the result of the fight more indistinct. They only knew that the two of them nevertheless made up with each other in the end. But in reality, the two of them continued ignoring each other afterward.

Ultimately, Cheng Huanhuan had wrongly estimated Gu Jingze's level of influence. She had wrongly estimated the level of influence of Lin Che and Gu Jingze's relationship.

Everyone was clearly much more interested in the Gu family's son than in Da Fei. Da Fei immediately became cannon fodder. No matter how many fans he had, they could not save his declining popularity.

On the set.

Cheng Huanhuan was so angry that she came in directly and asked the director, "How could you leave the fight in the final cut? And why didn't you tell me that you left it in?"

This time, Cheng Huanhuan had specially taken a look. The length of her part was clearly much shorter than that of Lin Che's family. Furthermore, the focal point of the episode was Gu Shinian rather than their family's Da Fei.

Cheng Huanhuan was anxious and angry. How could the production team not follow the editing they had agreed on initially?

Cheng Huanhuan had long been used to looking at the editing content beforehand each time. This time, she had clearly seen it too. But how could they change the content in the end and not tell her?

In reality, the directors had decided to do so at the last minute. But when they saw Cheng Huanhuan coming over to kick up a fuss, they could only say helplessly, "We edited it according to popularity too. Look, aren't we getting a good response from everyone now? Furthermore, that part was supposed to show Da Fei get bullied so that his fans would feel bad for him."

But in the end, no one felt bad for Da Fei. Everyone merely discovered that Gu Shinian was very handsome. What could they do about it?

Of course, Cheng Huanhuan did not believe their explanation. She was about to be unreasonable and make a scene.

The production team had indeed changed their editing proposal in a rush because they saw that everyone had such great interest in Gu Shinian after the first episode. Thus, they edited Gu Shinian's scenes in.

Who knew that their program would actually surge in popularity all of a sudden? Their viewer ratings hit a new high for the first season and were even on track towards completely surpassing their past ratings.

Because Gu Shinian was too handsome, the number of online streams immediately surged upwards. The topic also continued to trend at the top.

The production team was not dumb either. Of course, they would support the person with more popularity.

Cheng Huanhuan shouted, "Don't think I don't know. Because their surname is Gu, you guys are trying your hardest to make them popular. Simply because you want to pander to Gu Jingze, right? Now, you're deliberately supporting him while trampling over our Da Fei. You've forgotten how much popularity our Da Fei brought for you guys."

The director said in frustration, "We've worked together for so many years already. Tell me, when did we not do as you said? But things are different now. We want to make you popular too. We continued to give you quite a lot of screentime. But the netizens and the viewers are simply interested in the Gu family. What can you do about it? Now, everyone is interested in the children of wealthy families, as well as these rich and powerful families. Just look at that person who says he's from the wealthiest family. He opened an account online and so many people went on his page to call him their husband. Every one of his girlfriends will become famous. It's obvious that everyone simply likes wealthy people. And Gu Jingze is so wealthy too. What can you do?"

Hearing this, Cheng Huanhuan's face turned green from keeping in her anger.

"What do you guys mean by that? Are you killing the donkey since the grinding is done? Are you going to get rid of us now that you've finished using us?"

"Of course that's not what we're thinking. What I mean is that you can curry favor with Lin Che a bit more from time to time. You guys should be on good terms with her. Now that the show is so popular, you'll lose out if you withdraw now. Why don't you build a better relationship with them? Wouldn't it be good if everyone is famous together?"

Asking Cheng Huanhuan to win Lin Che's favor…

It would be better to just kill her.

The director said, "If not, why don't you tell us what you want to do? You can't be thinking of withdrawing, right? We've known each other for so many years. No matter what, you can't be so unhelpful and back out halfway, right? What are we to do then? I know that you don't lack money. You can't be bothered with the salary of 50 million either. You can afford the compensation sum too. But if you back out like this, what are we to do?"

At the mention of 50 million and at the mention of the compensation sum, Cheng Huanhuan's eyes paused.

Of course, she could not bear to part with money. She could not bear to part with popularity too. She understood clearly that Da Fei's current popularity was related to the fact that he had not withdrawn from this program, and continued to appear on television. If he backed out, his popularity would definitely plummet very quickly.

It would not be worth it then.

How much money would she stand to lose?

But was she going to just let Lin Che enjoy her moment of glory now?

The production staff shook their heads and sent someone to first comfort Cheng Huanhuan. But secretly, they understood that Cheng Huanhuan and Da Fei's era was already about to pass.

The director said, "Coax her first. There will be so many negative topics if she withdraws. It won't be good. The current situation is fantastic. The moment Lin Che came, the viewer ratings came too. As I said, Lin Che is a treasure. She brings popularity with her wherever she goes. As expected, her luck is so evident. But Cheng Huanhuan still thinks that she can beat her. That's impossible. That's why I said in the beginning that no matter how much money we have to spend, we absolutely have to keep her with us if she can appear."

"Furthermore, Cheng Huanhuan is the archetypical shrew. Everyone is sick of watching her. It's very normal for them to want to see how true ladies, princes, and princesses behave. Look at how elegant Lin Che is. She keeps a low profile and is down to earth. As for her children, one is a prince and one is a princess. They're adorable, beautiful, and so dignified. If I was a viewer, I would also like Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan. The pair of siblings are way too adorable."

Many of the young ladies in the production team, as well as the director, nodded repeatedly when they heard this. "You young ladies are completely weak to such things. Looks like we'll have to film Gu Shinian more in the future."

Initially, Gu Shinian merely wanted to take revenge for his younger sister. He did not expect to suddenly become famous.

Lin Che happened to be at home when she received a large volume of calls.

Someone asked straightforwardly if Gu Shinian and Gu Shiyuan wanted to film a commercial together. Their remuneration was negotiable.

Lin Che said in embarrassment that they did not film commercials.

Others asked directly if Gu Shinian was interested in advancing his career in the entertainment industry. They had minor roles that they could let Gu Shinian go and try out.

Lin Che also refused their offer quickly. Gu Shinian was going to die from anger if he went filming.

But now, there were even more people chasing after them when she brought the two children out.

Although they were no longer being chased by those people who wanted to probe, but by people who were following them like groupies, it still rendered them very speechless.

Lin Che had no choice but to have the security guards clear the crowd away before alighting from the car. She even saw a girl at the back shout upon seeing Gu Shinian, "Gu Shinian, you're so handsome. Gu Shinian, grow up quickly. All of us want to give birth to monkeys for you."


Gu Shinian scowled, turned around, and said, "When I grow up, I probably won't look for them. They'll be so old. Can they still give birth?"

Lin Che was speechless. He actually knew what they meant by giving birth to monkeys…

Lin Che pursed her lips. "It means they like you. Who actually wants to give birth to your children? You're just a child. Why are you thinking so much?"


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