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Tales of parallel worlds
Author :Seven_sins_LORD
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3 Capsule

In these last days, I decided to stay with my wife and daughter. My wife was one of the first users to be given the vaccine and was not very surprised that she was in a coma. My daughter has asked me "why do not we go to school, Dad?" , "Where was the mom" and if it could take it to the park. Tears almost come to me whenever I hear these words, being the support for my daughter, I can not seem weak in front of her and I always say "the school is under construction" and that "Mom went to travel to the foreigner because of work."

Two weeks have passed since my wife was in a coma and I took her to my office where I installed it with machines that provided nutrients to keep her alive, but today she stopped breathing, I feel as if they had hammered and trampled my heart, on this day I fell apart and cried on the machine where it was, went to check and try to revive it but nothing resulted, everything was calm with a sound of the machine piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii in the background.

After my wife, now only my daughter is my motivation to continue, these days I feel my body tired and my head heavy and my beautiful daughter had constant coughs and fevers, which made me focus like crazy and accelerate much more progress. I had to fuck up this fucking virus.

It's been about six days since my wife's death, but I've finally managed to get the cure for the damn virus, my daughter has been very sleepy recently most likely because of the virus. At this time most likely the entire population of the world must be over but I I had the CURE, but because of accelerating the progress I had only managed to produce a dose. Of course, I gave the dose directly to my daughter, on the face I thought her skin had turned rosy but I doubt she would react so fast.

I already knew that I did not have much time to live so I got all the information from my lab and I went to my cousin's house, on the way everything was silent, plants were yellowing like it was autumn and you could not hear anything but the wind and the sound that came from my car.

When I reached the room I saw that the deposit was closed, I deduced that he had not escaped the virus. I opened the warehouse and I came across a giant ball, others may not know but I being so close to my cousin genius knew, it was an emergency capsule created for adversity in space, my cousin programmer was granted the right to set up a refuge for space use after having won a contest from the largest space company, the shelter had the ability to shelter a person when equipped with a quantum computer and with all needs to last up to 30 years and with a lot of other features.

I went to the capsule and opened it, I placed my daughter in the resting chamber and closed it. The nutritious liquid filled in a short time filling the chamber completely. Finally I decided to record a video for her.

I opened a big smile and said, "Hello my dear daughter, today is July 6, 2123, I do not know when you will see this video but it does not matter, I left you in connection with a virtual world to take everything you want, like you are resting in a chamber with nutritional liquid are great, after all this is your uncle's thing hahaha (he must have been angry with me), in this capsule is a super Quantum computer and in it all the information of my laboratory and the world, papa and Mommy misses you so much, Daddy never knew how to talk a lot, and that's why I left you a lot of stuff on the computer, I also bought pandas-shaped cuddly toys for you, Papa apologizes for not being able to take you and Mommy to the park and I apologize for not being able to take you anymore, I apologize for me and your mother for not seeing you grow up and being by your side to support you, Dad gave his best so I'm really sorry Dad is going try make up the mess he made, father and mother love you very much. "


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