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T-Net Course
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7 Page 174

7. What is the definition of church infrastructure?

Church infrastructure is the organization of the church to develop healthy relationships and effective numerical and spiritual growth so that healthy disciples are continuously produced.

8. What are the three different levels of relationship in a local church?

a. Unity - a surface relationship with other believers based on common purpose and relationships with Christ.

b. Fellowship - to share, partner and participate together usually in a mid sized group of more than 17 but less than 79;

c. Intimacy - An in-depth relationship that can only be maintained by a few persons such as a small group of 7 to 17 people.

9. Name and describe the three different phased disciple making small groups?

a. come and see groups ( Outreach and New Believers)

b. Follow Me Group ( Basic Accountability Group)

c. Be with Me group ( Ongoing Accountability Group)

10. Give the projected date you begin teaching course 1 to other pastors in your center?

Each gives a date.

11. What are the five different organizational structures that can be used in a local church?

a. House Church structure

b. Cell Church structure

c. High Impact Church structure

d. Traditional Church structure

e. institutionalized Church structure

12. What is a Disciple Making Movement (DMM)?

DMM is a methodology for starting church planting movements. it focuses on developing self-replicating leaders who make self - replicating disciple makers who are trained in a simple inductive Bible study and evangelism process used in a Discovery Bible Study.

13. What are the six steps to launch a disciple making movements from your local church?

1. start by training disciples who can make disciples using a follow me Discovery Bible study.

2. Disciples must become persons of prayer so that God can lead them to....

3. Engage the lost.

4. Find persons of peace, with whom they will start....

5. Start a come and see Discovery Bible study that will evangelize and disciple a group of people.

6. Coach come and see DBS group to become a mid sized group and creating a small church.

14. What is a Discovery Bible Study?

The DBS is using a very simple inductive group study?

The DBS is using a very simple inductive group study process with the standard elements if observation, interpretation, and application in a group setting with obedience as the outcome.

15. What are the elements of a Discovery Bible Study process?

a. Write the passage word for word.

b. Write the passage in your own words in column 2

c. List the actions you must take to obey this passage in column 4.

d. Share what you learned with other believers for accountability.

e. Create discussion opportunity with not yet believers. Share with people who are interested.

16. Define a person of peace.

The person of peace is the one God has prepared to receive the Gospel in a community for the the first time. The person of peace concept is an entry strategy to new communities.

17. How many pastors should you recruit before coming back to course three?

20 or more.

18. What are your seven assignments to be finished before course three?

a. Arrive early or on time and do not miss any class time

b. Continue to disciple a majority of your major leaders in a follow me DBS and add apprentices.

c. Continue to recruit pastors to be trained by you in about 9-12 months. Try to recruit 20 by next class.

d. Review refresher course on grammar from course 1.

e. Recruit 1-4 church planters into your model follow me group and do apprentice training sessions with them.

f. Fill out your data sheet before you arrive and bring auxillary notebook with you.

g. Study for and be prepared to make a high grade on your certification test on the first day of Tier 1, course 3.


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