Sword Online
6 Altria Kingdom & The Strongest Knigh
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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6 Altria Kingdom & The Strongest Knigh

"My king we should be pretty close to the capital should we take a short break here." Kito looks towards rina "Sure let's take a short break the guards must be pretty tired from walking all the way to the capital."

Meanwhile in the capital a message was delivered by the wolf kingdom. "Why are we receiving a message from the wolf clan" the leader of the knights opens op the letter. "From today on I will give Altria kingdom two choices give back the kingdom or we will send are full force towards your kingdom and take it back by force. I will give you 7 days to give me back a response to this message if there is no response then I shall start marching towards your kingdom." The knights throws the letter on the ground "What happened... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE WHY IS MY UNCLE COMING TO ALTRIA."

Meanwhile back at Kito's group "Let's keep going you all we should be there in 20 minutes"

and all the guards stands up and started to march forward toward Altria kingdom. And they finally reached the kingdom it took them 12 hours to reach the capital but they're finally here. Rina walked forward "Open up the gate" the guards that were protecting the gate looked down "Ow my queen I'm sorry I shall open the gate right away." Rina looked around "Something is wrong this gate is never closed why is the security so high" kito looks at rina. "Rina stands behind me I sens a very strong killing pressure and it's coming our way." The doors open but then the strongest knight of Altria flew with high speed towards kito, with high speed the knight draws his sword and slashes forwards at kito. But kito evaded all of his attacks. "You're to slow" Rina watch kito "He got faster maybe because of that power of his... But Kai what are you doing attack randomly."

Kai jumps back "Randomly do you know what happened in the meantime you guys were in that small village the wolf kingdom has sent a letter for the king were is your father he needs to explain this to me RIGHT NOW." Kito looked at rina "Rina for now ill handle this so say nothing more" rina looked at kito "As you wish my king." Kai watch kito and rina talking "What the hell are you two talking about and who the freaking hell are you." And in just a second kito flash towards Kai grabs him from the back and throws him on the ground and kicks him back "I'm not even using my power yet you are pretty weak to be called a knight." Kai stands up "Hm for a punk your strong to there is only one reason why I'm holding back and that is because rina is behind you but as I can see there is no reason for me to hold back." Kai runs forward and then disappeared he was to fast for Kito's normal eyes to follow he grabs kito and jumps towards the sky, away from the city and punched kito in the face and kito flew towards the ground, kito landed on his feet "I did not expect that to happen your something else I did not expect for me to use my power to handle you." Kai landed on the ground and walks forward and his sword started to fire up with emerald fire surrounding the blade. "My name is kai I am from the legendary Dragon Clan and I shall show you why I am the strongest knight in this world after all I am my father's son." One of Kito's eyes turns red like a demon "I can see you have great power so I will show a small part of my power" and kito runs forward and flashed forward in an instant. His hand was as strong as a blade he grabbed Kai blade and with his other hands he punched Kai away and kito was still holding the blade, he flipped the sword so that he could hold it

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"This is a nice sword it those look more like a katana but I guess you guys don't know what I'm talking about let me ask this who made this blade for u." And Kai is trying to stand up "Cough Cough... it's not a weapon that can be made it is a family heirloom." Kito walks forward "Pretty nice but you still need more training before you can take me" Kito pointed the blade behind him in a samurai stance and slashed up towards the sky. And a very strong wind attack slashed the sky in two every cloud disappeared from the sky and kito throws the blade towards kai "Its a strong weapon so protect it with your life and ow yea I should actually repay you for this..." Kito grabbed Kai and his blade and flashed towards the sky and kicked him down towards the ground in front of the gate and kito landed in front of rina "I'm back." Rina looked confusing at kito "I can see that what happened out there didn't you go a bit overboard" Kito start laughing "Small bit I wanted to test how my body changes sins I was awakened to vulca's power pretty amazing and I only used 0000.1% power."

Rina walked forward towards kai "Can you stand up kai we still have a lot to discuss with the new king" Kai looked at rina and stands up "Easy for u to say I got my ass kicked right now why didn't you tell me he was that strong" Rina looked at Kai "You serious right now you didn't even give me the time to replay you flew away before I could even say something." Kito walked forward "Okay for now let's go inside we will talk inside and debate the situation where in."

And so they started to walk towards the castle at the top of the capital all of the people in the kingdom was looking at rina and screaming to welcome her back home, looking around you can see that she is loved by the people. And the finally reached the castle "Okay for now show me the way where you all do the debate about your situations I should learn every corner of this mansion very soon after all I'm gonna be ruling this kingdom from today on. Kai walks forward "Just follow me for now il take you there." And rina walks ahead "I'm going to change I will see you all in the main hall" and so kito and Kai walks towards the main hall to start talking about there situation.


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