Sword Online
5 I Shall Rule This World
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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5 I Shall Rule This World

3 days have passed sins the first group left the village.

"My king what are you looking at" Kito turns around looking towards rina "nothing much I have never seen a beautiful day like this before, I have never imagined that there could have been a world so beautiful." And rina walked towards kito "I don't know what you mean my king is this the first time you have been in the west region, I do find you a bit strange you do not know the costume of our world and that is pretty strange in my opinion."

And kito stands up from sitting on the ground "Aa yea I never explained to you why I do not understand why people react they do in this world I shall explain it to you. Let me start by saying this I am not from this world as I can understand the situation I come from earth, as I can see it must be in an other dimension than where we are now that's the only explanation how people can use magic in this world and in ours it those not exist. And as I can see I was summoned here for a reason that I still do not know of, I mean this worlds works like an online game in my world you may not know what that means. But it is like you defeat a monster you get exp, then you level up and gain new skils and the higher your level and skill the more you can do and the more you will be respected. like in this world but more complicated it seems, so it those not really matter but from today on I will try to understand this world more and I will change everything from today on, so I will not sit still anymore.

So do you understand it now rina after all you are my wife from today on so we need to work together as a couple."

Rina started to blush and turns around "But how can this be possible do you know who summoned you here and with what reason. Because to do something like that you would need a lot of magical power to pull off and I have never met a person that could do something so crazy." Kito and rina walked together to there carriage "The only thing I know is when I was summoned someone named alkaroth or something summoned me here because I was chosen for something I do not know yet but I will find out soon."

Rina stopped walking and was shocked by Kito's response "Do you know what you just said do you even know who alkaroth is. This cant be true you mean you were chosen by our god alkaroth the being that made the whole universe and the ruler of the heavens how can this be possible what for reason would he have to summon someone from an other world." And kito kept walking "I do not know but what I do know is I will change this world in a better way if it is my destiny to be here I will rule as a true king I will not make my people suffer!"

"What is that it's coming our way" and one of the guards spotted something coming our way and kito looked towards the guard "What are you talking about what are you seeing." He walked towards the guard, the guard kept looking towards the sky "It can't be is that a... DRAGON."

Rina runes towards kito and the guard "What did you say a dragon how can this be possible we never have had a dragon in the west region before after all there level 100 monsters. And the max level in the west region is only 85 we should run right now my king." One of the guards fell down on the ground "Where to late we can't escape this one my lady that dragon that's coming our way its no level 100. That's salamander the great dragon prince his level is 1500 Type G there is no human that can fight a beast like that it's one of the legendary gods of the sky."

Rina felt down on her knees "How can this be possible why here why now.!" kito looked towards rina and runs towards her "What those type G mean we got no time for this I mean even his level is too high dammit how are going to survive something like this.!" The dragon was getting closer "Humans huh" Kito was shocked to hear the dragon talk "Humans hear me I am the great dragon prince salamander I am here searching for the one that the gods crowned to be the new king of this world is he around here somewhere." kito stands up and walked forward "So you were after me huh I did not expect it to be a talking dragon tho. So you are the first that would come looking for me and a talking one by that to this world will never stop to amaze me how can I help you I am kito."

The dragon flew down before kito and stretches his head towards kito "Hm you do not look so special as you can see I am here to test to see if you really are wordy to be our king. After all with your command you can call upon all the gods and demons that live in this world all of it at your command but our you wordy to have that power. That is why I am here to see your resolve and power." Salamander fires a fireball towards kito and in a nick of time kito dodge the attack of salamander "Are you crazy there are more humans around us my people are here" the dragon stretches his wings and flew up in the sky with a big wind pressure for everyone on the ground

"That is not my business I do not care for human life if you are strong then protect them human.!"

Salamander fires a barrage of fireball towards the hole field towards Kito's people "how dare you"

A power deep inside kito started to awaken "I want power" "I want power" "I WANT POWER"

a strange voice started to talk to kito deep inside himself. "Call my name...and i shall answer...i shall grant you power..." Kito started talking "I am thou... Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come..."

A tornado of wind pressure was surrounding Kito's body.

"I shall lend you my strength...The bearer of the inferno that burns away impurity...Thy heart that beats for thy friends lights mine holy flame...I am thou...Thou art I...I am Vulca, awakened to the ancient fire..." Salamander was pushed back by Kito's spiritual pressure "This can't be right I can sens a lot of power coming from this kid its beyond even me HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE" Salamander started to barrage the field again and again with fireballs but with no success everything was being deflected by Kito's windshield around his body and it's only getting bigger and bigger. "This kid is getting on my nerve now.

"I am the one who dwells in the rift between human consciousness and unconsciousness. I am you. You are me... I am always within you, watching over you...Call upon my name, and release thy rage! Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own, though thou be chained to Hell itself! I am the pillager of twilight, Vulca Diablo!"

A very strong power was coming out of Kito's body "VULCA COME FORTH AND DESTROY ALL MY ENEMIES." And at the same time salamander used one of its strongest skill to try to end this match

"Salamander Breath" a very large dragon breath beam came out of salamander mouth towards kito.

And on impact something slashed the beam in two and salamander just dodge it in time or he would have actually dead "Do you really think that weak fire spell would actually kill me you weak dragon prince your father would be pretty sad if he saw you here." Salamander knew that voice in shock if this situation he did not know how to replay to that strange voice "it can't be I know that voice."

And finally all the wind from the explosion was clearing up and their kito was standing but not alone

with one of the greatest power ever created the god of destruction Vulca Diablo the 3rd. "How can this be you should be dead hundred of years ago sins my father defeated you" kito walks forward "as you can see we are as one from today on you do you still want to go with this fight be my guess." And Vulca flashes towards the sky by Kito's command he grabbed salamander and throws him towards the ground, flew back down to kick him in the face and then jumps back." Kito walks forward and stands in front of salamander "Let me ask you again will you fight or leave this place in peace." Cough Cough "Fine I will leave" Salamander stands up "And remember this salamander from today on I will rule this world all of you will follow my order do you understand salamander vermilion." Salamander was shocked by what he just said to him "I do understand my king" and salamander flew away in high speed "How did he know my full name that is strange for now I will replay what he said to the rest of the beast gods."
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Kito turns around and walks towards Vulca "I thank you for your help" and vulca looked at kito "From today on were one you shall call and I will answer I am your familiar from today on."

And then vulca disappeared and kito eyes turn back to normal and he felt down from using vulca's power he still needs to learn a lot before he can control vulca. "My king are you alright" And rina runs towards kito and finally the battle ended in a win with no casualty.


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