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4 War is Coming Our Way
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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4 War is Coming Our Way

3 days have passed sins the old chief left and a new leader was chosen, its a small beginning but kito will soon understand in what situation he has put himself in.

"Hey wake up you have been sleeping for 3 days already" rina was trying to wake kito up with no success until today. "You're being too loud huh, where am I was it a dream." Rina kept looking at kito

"What are you talking about stand up already we have a lot to discuss as of today you are a lord after all."

Kito begins to stand up from the bed "What are you talking about how am I a lord" Rina was shocked that kito did not know what he just has done by decrowning the former chief.

"Are you serious right now you really don't know what you have done" kito walked toward the leaving room and sits down "Rina come and sit down and brief me in I don't really get it what you're talking about" rina walked towards the leaving room and sits down.

"You're pretty calm in this situation but fine il explain the situation that you got your self in. About three days ago you exiled the former chief and you took his place as leader of this village do you even know what that means. I guess not first of all by doing that you have chosen to be my husband in the future." Kito shockingly answers back "What the hell are you talking about when did I propose to you for you to be my wife" Rina was getting a bit irritated because kito did not understand his situation.
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"LET ME FINISH THE STORY...Okay where was I ow yea okay this place was never my father to rule this place was my mother's lands and my father married in this family he is not even my real father.

But I never have met my real father so I called him my father do you understand it now this town is under my name and not my father. So that means if you want to rule you have to marry me first before taking these lands. And because you screamed in the center of the village everyone thinks that were engaged so now we have no choice you idiot. But okay second the problem here is as today on you are a lord because what you have done if you look in your status bar you will see a new bar it says what your rank is, looks at it then you will understand what I'm talking about."


Name: Kito

Level: 1

Attribute: Power "0" Speed "0"

Dexterity "0" Vitality "0"

Defense "0"

Rank: Kingdom Lord - West Region - 000001 - 000180

Family Tree: Wife - Rina

Special Traits: Thou art i.

Kito looked shocked at his status and rina kept explaining his situation further "Do you see now what I was talking about this is your doing. This is what happened because you made that choice and as you can see you own 180 locations in the west region. And where we are now is just a small village of ours let me explain a bit in more details the man you send away was actually one of the 6 kings of the west region." Kito stands up shocked "WHAT DO YOU MEAN ARE YOU MAKING A JOKE RIGHT NOW THOSE THAT MEAN YOUR A PRINCESS."

"Calm down kito sit back down please I'm not done talking here" and kito sits backs down.

"Just as you said I'm a princess of our kingdom of Altria, around us everything you see is our land and from today on you are the king of those land. And because my father went to his uncle, do you know what that means for us" kito kept looking at rina "Not really why those no one understands. I'm new to this world I still don't get anything about this place and how everything works."

Rina stands up and grabbed a map in the drawer behind kito and comes back to the table and sits down and puts the map on the table. "Okay let me explain it do you see all of this here that is our lands. but further ahead its the wolf kingdom that is my fathers family lands the rule the west region -000190 - 10000 are you getting your situation now do you now get why my mom married that man it was not for love, she had no choice there power is much bigger than ours. And because we're in this situation this means war is coming our way very soon so we need to go back to the capital very soon to make plans before we get destroyed."

Kito looked at the map "Hm so if I get it the wolf kingdom controls the west region as one of the 6 kings, So actually there suppose to be 6 kings that rule the lands. But now because of me there are 7 kings now and the balanced between the ruling lands is no more. So there are coming to destroy us to take complete control of the west region." Rina looked shocked at kito "So you actually understand our situation your not so stupid after all so now that you understand our situation what is your order what are we going to do now."

Kito stands up and walked towards the door to get outside "Were going to the capital is the best choice right now so go call all the guards. And leave some guards here for protection were leaving in 20 minutes so go give my order that were leaving immediately." Rina walks outside "As you wish my King" and rina walked towards the villagers and the guards to give the order.

"I guess I have no choice in this situation for now il try to rule this place after all people in this world think they can do everything because they are strong then I will show them what will happen if you fight against me. I will use this power for good to change this world after all I promised these people I would protect them." Rina walked towards kito "It's done my king we are ready to leave towards the capital."

Kito turns around "OKAY GET THE HORSES READY WERE LEAVING." And kito and 80% of the guards left the village to journey towards the capital of Altria. And the other 20% of the guards were ordered to stay behind to protect the village for if they get attacked by enemies.


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