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3 Thou Shall Answer To Me
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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3 Thou Shall Answer To Me

"So this must be the village" walking forward two guards stopped him at the gate "Who are you I cannot sens your status" the guards were pointing their spear towards kito "Guys chill I'm not an enemy." The guards pulled back their spear "then how can we help you we don't accept stranger so if you want to enter this village you need to have permission from our chief."

Kito kept looking towards the guards "Fine show me the way towards your chief il try to talk to him."

And so one of the guards showed kito the way towards the chiefs home this place has a strange vibe and kito will soon know why that is he will soon understand how this new world works. "Chief we have a guest for u he wants to speak to you" and the chief walked downstairs. "I'm the chief of this village how can I help you boy" kito looked irritated towards the chief "Why do people keep calling me boy I got a name just ask my freaking name, you know nevermind. I'm here to ask if I can stay in the village for some days until I find out more about where I am."

The chief walked towards the leaving room and sits down "Hmm I don't really accept people to stay in my village I don't really see why I should help the weak" kito looked angry towards the chief. "Are you serious right now how can you say something like that helping people is just something normal to do are you some crazy old man or something I don't get you."

The chief stands up and start walking towards kito and kicked him and kito fell down pretty hard "how dare you call me crazy I am the leader of this village you are just some weakling that's coming here to ask me for help you should be kissing my feet and asking me if you can even breath before me you stupid kid." kito looked up "cough cough... You really are a crazy bastard what the hell man what was that for random kicking me down."

"Guards grab him and execute this man right now this weakling shall pay for his disrespect towards me how dare a weakling talk back to me you shall die you fool." And so the guards ask for help and 3 more guards came running towards the chiefs home and every villager came out of there houses "it's happening again the chief is going to execute a new person again" "This is just how this world work." The guards grabbed kito and they walked towards the center of the village and the chief walks forward. "My villagers remember who your master is I am strong and you all are weak so it's my birthright to rule you guys and if you disobey me you will die do you all understand this."

And so everyone was silence a village of 100.000 persons but no one even opens up their mouth to help kito from this situation but then "STOP THIS RIGHT NOW FATHER"

"Rina why are you here this is no place for you go back home" Rina walked towards the chief "How can you do something like this I heard rumors that something like this was happening in our village but I did not expect that you would kill someone like this in front of your people." The chief walked towards rina "Guards what are you doing grab rina and bring her home she will be disciplined when I'm home lock her up in her room until I'm done here." And two guards grabbed rina and started to use force to bring her home

"Stop this right now how can you be like this towards your one daughter a human like you can not exist I am not gonna forgive you for this" the chief turns around "And what can you do boy your about to die haha this weakling makes no sense kill him already guards" "Yes sir start the execution now"

But then around kito a strong wind pushed back the guards, "I am thou... Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come...I shall lend you my strength...The bearer of the inferno that burns away impurity, Vulcanus!" Kito body begins to burn up and he begins to shine bright and a crystal made of fire was surrounding him everything that got close to the crystal was melting. The chief stepped back "What the hell is this is this kid some kind of monster or something."

"Thy heart that beats for thy friends lights mine holy flame... I am thou... Thou art I... I am Vulca, awakened to the ancient fire..."Ruler of the blazing sun and blue skies, Vulca..Call upon my name, and release thy rage!" Kito looked towards the chief "I SHALL CALL UPON U VULCA I RELEASE YOU"

kito eyes turned red and his body was getting even hotter and he walked towards the chief.

With a very demonic voice "How dare you try to execute people because you think they're weak I shall not forgive this disrespect I shall give you two choice leave this village or die I shall burn this hole city if you think that your guards can fight me." And demonic kito smiled towards the villagers "I SHALL BE YOUR MASTER FROM TODAY ON CALL ME KING KITO I AM THE GOD THAT WILL RULE THIS WORLD FROM TODAY ON NO ONE WILL HARM YOU AS THAT IS THE CONTRACT I GIVE THE ONES THAT FOLLOW ME. NO MORE AND NO LESS." the chief looked towards kito "How dare you think just because of some strange power you have the right to take this village I am the master you bastard not you so leave right now before I personly kill you." Kito looked towards the chief and in just a half-second kito was standing in front of the chief and with one hand he grabbed him at his trout "You speak too much do you wanna die so bed leave now I'm only giving you this chance because of your daughter you bastard." And kito pushed the chief to the ground and walked away towards the chiefs home "From today on this is my village guards if you don't wanna die to throw that man out of this village I don't want to see his face anymore." And the guards walked forwards and send the former chief out of the village and closes the gate before his eyes "You shall pay for this boy just you wait I will kill you next time and take this village back."

And the chiefs turn around and walked away and in the meantime in the village kito fell down and went to sleep because the power was too much for him to handle for the first time.
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"Tho shall have my power from today on...tho shall call my name and thy shall answer... our contract has been sealed by fate... I am tho... tho art i..."


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