Sword Online
2 Thou art I...
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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2 Thou art I...

"Something is coming this way" Crackle Crackle, Grrr

"It's getting closer I should run towards the village" Kito starts running toward the village up ahead of him in this situation he did not know what to do. After all, this is his first time in a world where thing exists that he those not know about yet. But what gonna happen now is something very unexpected

ROARR ROARR, it starts running at high speeds towards kito and jumps turning in front of kito "Grrrr." It was a giant fox beast kito fell down on his knees "Serious a demon fox how can this be possible..."

The beast looks him in the eye's "I'm no monster boy I have never sense something like this before you are a human right or am I mistaken" Kirito was too scared to answer so the fox got irritated of him "ANSWER ME BOY!" kito thought silently to himself "Talking fox sure... What's gonna be next talking flowers" and so kito stands up from the ground "Yes I am human I come from another world I think after all this cant be Korea."

The fox kept looking at kito "Hm Korea never heard of it that's why I cant sense your status or you're level, even your rank is no were to be found. For now I shall introduce my self I am the god of this region my name is kimaru the nine-tailed fox" he walked forward and bow his head toward kito "Tell me now boy look around you do you see a small bar try to open it with your mind." kito was confusingly looking around him but then he opens up his status bar without even knowing it "Huh how did I do that even so it looks like this place works as an RPG game. I can see my level right here I'm level 1 right now and my status... huh I don't get this everything is at 0 this can't be right.

Name: Kito

Level: 1

Attribute: Power "0" Speed "0"

Dexterity "0" Vitality "0"

Defense "0"
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Rank: 0

Special Traits: Thou art i.

Kimaru took a step back and he had a strange look on his furry face "What did you say how can this be possible they chose a human to rule this world dam those stupid gods" kito looked at him.

"What are you talking about I have no power nothing I'm very weak here how I'm I going to survive like this" The fox turned around "Don't ask me boy but I will leave you with this information when you're in trouble activate that skill of yours and you will see who you really are in this world."

kimaru walked back toward the forest and left kito alone.

"Stupid fox how am I to know what he meant by using my skill when I'm in trouble, a never mind for now il go toward the village maybe someone there can help me find out where the hell I am in this world." And so kito walked toward the village he did not know what he would find and he never knew what was going to happen to him when he entered the village after all this world work in a very dangerous and mysterious way. Where only the strong survive and rules and the weak suffers from the rule of the strong.

"Thou shall be...Strong to rule...Thou shall die...To be weak."

This is the way how this world works and only a king will be able to change that.


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