Sword Online
1 The World of Sword
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Sword Online
Author :ga_ichiro
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1 The World of Sword

Drip Drip, woosh.

"Hmm, it's still rainy huh, I didn't even bring an umbrella I hate the rainy seasons in Korea.

Il just wait in the office for now then, I'll just finish up the game design for the next update of alkaroth online."

3 hours have past and the front doors open and the president of the company walked inside "Kito you're still here huh I thought you went home already." And kito turns around and looked toward the president "ow hey not yet I'm just finishing up some work before the next update release for the game." And the president smiles at him "Your a pretty hard working 18 years old kid but for today alkaroth can wait let's go grab something to eat." Kito turns around and grabbed his bag and turns back around and walked towards the president "Actually I'm already done tho I have finished every design and script for the next update so we can actually already put it online!" the president kept talking because he didn't understand what kito was saying but then "HUH WHAT HOW CAN YOU BE DONE YOU JUST DID A WEEK WORK ALONE IN 3 HOURS TIME ARE YOU SOME CRAZY WORKAHOLIC KID OR SOMETHING! ....

I mean I know I hired you for your skills but this is impressive even in my standards, do you want a raise or something is that why you're working so hard."

Kito looked away and walked forward "Not really I'm already earning more then I can imagine for an 18 years old kid I just did my work, after all that's why you hired me from the start after all. I'll go home for today I'm not that hungry but thanks for your invite see you tomorrow uncle."

on the way home somewhere else "What do you think about this kid he may be just right for your profile to be transported to that place he even named a game after you." Strange voices kept debating "You may be right let's do it his heart and mind should be just right for the job transport him now."

Kito was walking home the rain finally stopped "Finally it took a while for the rain to stop"

and so he kept walking home. But then his body stopped and a bright light came down from the sky, it was shining very bright above kito and he heard a voice. "I am thou... Thou art I... From the sea of thy soul, I come...to call you to my world...Thou shall call my name... I shall answer...I am the brilliant father alkaroth...From the very moment of my emergence I have been a guiding light shed to illuminate thy path...I am the original god...Alkaroth." The light grabbed kito and send him towards a destination he was not expected a whole new world.

Shine Shine, "Where am I why is the sun shining it was just raining just now and what was that voice just now." walking forward looking around "There is only grass field and I can see some houses but they're pretty far away... WHERE THE HELL AM I" kito was transported to the other dimension where survival is everything.

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"Welcome to the world of sword I hope my judgment about you was not wrong so now I can't wait to see how your journey will be"

Kito was still looking around very confusing "I'm still wondering how did I get here this makes no freaking sense I was just walking home and then a strange sound, bright light and now I'm here is this some freaky tv show or something." Kito was getting irritated from his situation but then he heard a creepy sound far away from inside the forest behind him.

crackle crackle, ROARRR.!


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