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9 SZ: 1st of Many
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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9 SZ: 1st of Many

February 2010

Months had passed, another year came and oh, we didn't win in the tournament but at least we managed to be the 1st runner up. With that, I was one of those athletes Sir Paul chose to represent our Province in the regionals.
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Being the youngest in the team and to the whole delegation, the Sports Coordinator didn't actually approve of me. He was reluctant but my father insisted. He said that he'll be the one to train me. So that's what brought me here in the higher meet.

It wasn't really a great start for me. Being a kid, my teammates often misunderstood my doings, what can you expect? They are older than me.

Tomorrow's the big day- the start of my journey as an athlete in the higher meet but I'm actually relaxed. I don't feel anxious, unlike my teammates.


4 am (the next day)

The sound of the megaphone woke us all up. This had been our routine for the past month. Every athlete must wake up in time for the mass exercise but today was different. Instead of nagging us to wake up and make our beds, our coach (A fat, strict guy but definitely better than our previous coach), Sir George, instructed us to sleep some more because we don't have a game til this afternoon but I am fully rested so I fixed my things and went outside with a bat.

"Please be good to us later," I uttered.

My father laughed as he saw me talking to the bat.

"Danna, come here. Bring your bat and do your routine," my Papa told me so I went near him.

I did my usual warm up with the bat. I actually enjoy this. It gives me the peace of mind I need. Every. Single. Time. I consider the bat my best friend.

"Danna, you won't be playing in the field today but when the need arises, show them what you got. Remember, you might be younger than all of them but you trained as hard as them and you have the biggest heart for the game," he told me with a sweet voice. Yeah, I ain't in the starting line up but I know it's for the best. My body can't keep up with the six-graders in terms of stamina.

Afternoon came and our game is about to begin. The officials teased me a lot. They said that I am way too young for this. They just smiled when they read my name. They instantly knew that I am the child of a former player, a baseball prodigy. Actually, one of the officials there is a former teammate of my father and others knew him because he's sort of famous in this field.

My teammates are doing a great job and I actually envy them, they get to play but I am here. Just warming the bench.

I was sulking in the bench when they all shouted. My goodness, one of our fielder got hit in the face. The medics carried her to safety, away from the field.

"Sandra, you go there. Replace Cindy in the field," the coach instructed us.

I was really disappointed, I thought I'll get to play but they chose my other teammate instead.

The inning passed like a breeze, I'm not in the mood now. I was in shock when our coach told me that I get to bat. Unfortunately, Sandra ain't really good at batting so they've put me as a designated hitter. My father nodded and I went to the field.

I carried the bat with confidence. I might be just a quarter of their height and I am barely taller than the bat, I know I got all what it takes to play here. I know I am born to do this. I glanced at the bleachers and there I saw my Mama and Papa watching me. My Mama's a bit nervous, I can see but you can see the pride in their eyes.

I stepped up in the batter's box and eyed the Pitcher. She tossed the ball and I just stood there. A strike was called. I udjusted my sleeves and tilted my head a bit. I gave her a is-that-it smirk.

Second throw, she gave me a close ball but it went way too high. Alright, time to use this bat. The third ball came right through the middle.

"Bye-bye," I whispered in the air and paved my bat. A nice grounder in the short stop, I ran as fast as I could. The short stop was perplexed, she wasn't expecting it- none of them expected that I can hit the ball. She threw the ball at first not minding the runner at third. I was called out but I recorded my first ever turn at bat, my first of many RBI.


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