Strike Zone
7 SZ: The guy
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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7 SZ: The guy

We handled the coach's hospital fees. She had her head checked. CT scan? I don't really know. Anyway, the tournament is tomorrow. Finally, I'll get to play in a real match. Show them that age doesn't matter at all.

I slept early, woke up by 4am, had my usual home workout. I'm excited but deep down, I am nervous as hell. Thoughts like 'what if I don't play well?' came into my mind but it disappeared when I held on to my cap. I am ready.

We have a dump truck for a ride! Wow! But not really, because I am still a baby according to my father, he opted to drove me to the venue himself.

This is it! My first official game.

I am the shortstop, we are up against a good team. I can tell. They are bigger than us and I am so nervous.

The first ball came right through my direction, a first bounce. Gosh, I caught perfectly but when I threw it, my hands shook, my perfect aim was gone.
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Our first baser was not able to catch it. It was a very wild throw. I looked at my Papa and he was so disappointed. For the first time, I saw him throw a disgusted look at me. My lips trembled but I didn't cry.

That must be my nervousness because after that, no mistakes for my part. Even at offense, I did not get any strike outs but I was so nervous when I stood up at the batter's box for the first time. A man, I don't know his name but for sure my father knows him because I saw them together before the game. He was standing at a nearby tree, he was looking directly at me but his presence didn't bother me. It has this comforting feeling that I don't know. He smiled at me and my nervousness gone. Gone for real.

Who is this guy?


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