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6 SZ: Mischievous
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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6 SZ: Mischievous

I got accepted. Finally, I have a team. After a week, we were once again called to practice. A real practice this time. In about three weeks, the Provincial tournament will begin.

Warm up. Jogging. Stretching. Catch. The drills. Grounders. Fly balls. I know those things by now. Today, coach will tell us our positions. I don't really know if I'll get one because for starters, I am a rookie and I'll be playing with the 10-12 years old kids-Two years my senior.

So imagine the shock look in my face when the coach told me that I'll be the shortstop. It was my dream position. It was the position that I prayed for. It ain't easy. Probably one of the most dangerous position in the batted balls but I can do it. I can do it.

My father was a former shortstop and he's the best according to his past coaches. He owned that spot and that made me want that too. Clearly, my father is my softball hero. He played as shortstop for both baseball and men's softball team.

"Danna, you'll play shortstop from now on," seven words. Just seven words it made me really happy. I'm on cloud nine is an understatement.


A week later, two weeks before the tournament, the coach told us about a tune-up game against the baseball team. Against boys. My teammates were scared but I'm excited.

The coach was fielding us for the warm-up when a teammate of mine committed a mistake. She was blabbering hurtful words. Dang, I was so frustrated. How can she say such awful words to a kid.

"You idiot! You can't even catch. Come here, I'll beat you if you make the same stupid mistake you punk!!" the coach yelled with high pitched voice.

She miscalculated her swing and the ball came right into me so I caught it. The coach made a very bad mistake of turning around, I glanced at my teammate and uttered an apology to the Lord for what I am about to do. I took a leap and threw the ball with all my might but the ball wasn't coming towards the catcher-it went higher. I wasn't aiming for the gloves, I was aiming for the coach's head. I guess, I have a pretty good aim. It landed perfectly at the coach's head and she was out. She fainted. I know it was bad but I can't help it.

"So sorry, ma'am. I have a bad aim," I said with a puppy dog eyes.

I turned because I can't contain my laughter anymore. Apparently, the baseball coach saw me and he has the same smirk in his face. Yeah, he knew it was intentional.


"Danna, tell me the truth, you did that on purpose, you cheeky monkey," Mama asked or should I say accused me at home.

"Hahahahaha, I did that a couple of times during my time. I'll hit the stupid umpires with a fastball straight into their faces!" Papa said but my Mama sent him a warning look.

"Ah. Danna, what I mean is that, what you did is wrong," Papa countered his statement.

When my mother stood up to get something, my Papa smiled at me and said, "Good job!"


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