Strike Zone
4 SZ: I“m Ready
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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4 SZ: I“m Ready

Another year had past. I'm a Third grader now and I'm finally eight years-old. After that Softball encounter, I didn't really get the chance to watch a game again because of my studies. Honestly, I miss it. Although it was one time, I can remember every bit of it.

It's a saturday and I got nothing to do. I'm so bored really.

"Danna! Come down here for a second," it was my father.

I came down and I saw him holding two baseball gloves and a softball. Woah!

"Pa, why are you holding that? Are you going away again to train a team?" I asked

"No child, I thought you want to give it a try?" he smiled as he gave me the gloves.

I was so excited. I'm so happy. Today is the day! Although, I grew up hearing stories about my father playing baseball and I watched a game, but this is the first time that he handed me a gloves. He's finally teaching me!

We went outside and he taught me how to wear it. He went few yards away and he threw the ball. I wasn't pensive, I wasn't afraid. It was like the most natural thing in the world to do for me. I... I caught it with ease. I stared at the ball and I could swear I saw my dreams in it.

"Good job, Danna! Only few can nail that thing at first try. Now, try to throw the ball at me," so I did. We played catch for a few more minutes and then my father asked the question..

"You are ready Danna, I know you've been so excited about this. I was surprised really, if I didn't know you, I would think it isn't your first time catching. You are a natural. Woud you like to play?" he said while smiling.

"Yessss!" I shouted. I ran to him and hugged him really tight. I was so happy. Some one came and joined our hug. It's my mother.

"So I guess it's really inevitable. You are your father's daughter. Kent, just be sure nothing bad happens to our little angel," my mother jokingly said.

"Danica, honey, she's a natural. Don't worry," Papa assured Mama.


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