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3 SZ: The bigger ball
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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3 SZ: The bigger ball

That day was the happiest day of the five-year-old me and I carried that memory till grade school days. I was 'baseball this and baseball' that during school hours that I can't really get along with kids my age but I'm not sad. I'm counting the days till I can finally join a team but I was heartbroken when they said only guys can play baseball. I was disheartened for weeks but something caught my attention... A bigger ball came flying down few yards away from me. I picked it up and wondered, 'What in the world is this? This ain't baseball!'. The biggest mystery of the seven-year-old me.

"Kid, throw it!" An older child said. I bet she's a sixth-grader. Instead of throwing it, I held it and ran into her direction.

"Danna!" a familiar voice stopped me from running and it's coming at the back of the sixth-grader. It's my father and he's smiling widely at me so I ran past the older kid and went to my father.

"Papa! Look, it's a bigger baseball," I said with my eyes twinkling.

"Danna, it's called Softball," my father said.

Softball huh. I looked at the older kids playing softball and I noticed its similarity with baseball but here, girls are allowed to play. An idea came to me.

"Pa, can I join this instead of baseball," I said smiling. My father answered with a beaming smile. "When you're ready."

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A new dream was made. A new chapter was unlocked. It was the beginning of my long journey to the world of softball...


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