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2 SZ: Play Ball part 2
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Strike Zone
Author :Frustrated_writer
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2 SZ: Play Ball part 2

I woke up with a fresh mind. I smiled at the smell of the freshly cooked scrambled egg made by my mother. I stretched and stared lovingly at my baseball bat uttering a silent prayer. This is it! I can finally witness a true match in the field. I can't contain my excitement.

"Danna, come. Eat, my child, we will leave early today!" My mother spoke which returned me to my senses. "Coming Ma!" I shouted.

We ate, took a bath and off we go to the stadium.

"Papa!" I greeted my father as soon as I saw him near the entrance of the stadium. "Danna, I was gone for a day and look! You are this big already," my father jokingly said.

I saw a unfamiliar figure behind my father who smiled at me. "This must be your daughter. Soon you'll be playing eh? Tell me Kent, how old is she now?" the guy asked my father.

"Danna, this is Sir Philip. He used to be my coach. Sir, this is my only daughter, Danna, she's five now. If she likes to play soon then I'll let her but only if she wants to," my father said while tapping my head.

I hid behind my father but looked at the man. He was my father's coach. He wants me to play?

I was distracted by the sound of the metal bat in the nearby baseball diamond." Papa, what are they doin'?" I asked my father. "It's baseball Danna, look closely. That was the game I played."

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At first glance, I was speechless. I know I was destined to catch that ball. I was destined to hit that ball. I was destined to play...


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