Strangers in love
34 A lovely brother
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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34 A lovely brother

"Who is it May? ", a deep base voice came from his side. It was her brother who came out of nowhere to her.

"Hey Daniel. What took you so long? ", she went near him and hooked up her arm with his.

" Have a great time with your boyfriend. Bye", the young lad bid bye to her unwillingly .

"What's going on here? ", Daniel asked even though he understood what happened.

"Can't you see I'm trying to fool him since he kept pestering me", she shrugged her shoulders as she sat inside the car.
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'I really don't like it when someone comes after my lovely sister. How I feel like punching them all at once'.

Since young many boys flocked around Marina and she received many confession letters. At first Daniel thought she is becoming well known by her beauty. But soon after he didn't like it and he even involved himself in some fights sometimes. But as he grew up he stopped involveing himself in those silly things.

He immediately sat and started driving. " Do you really have a boyfriend? ", he asked out of blue.

" What do you think? ", she asked in return wanting to play with him.

" Do I have to investigate on you or make someone tail after you? ''.

Since she wanted to play with him he wanted to do the same to her.

"You are so annoying brother", she bellowed at him. She turned to her side and didn't want to look at him.

Marina likes her freedom a lot. The thought making someone tailing after her gave goosebumps to her since Daniel is really capable of something like that.

" Dad called me earlier. He wanted me to bring you home. When will you come? ", he asked trying to change the subject.

"You set the date as I was not too busy unlike someone here", she replied but she is happy to visit her adopted parents after so long.

" We need to walk from here".

Telling it he parked his car at the side of the alley and got out.

"Ok, brother didn't you tell me you won't be coming . Why did you change your mind? ", she asked as she followed behind him closely.

" Why. Did my arrival interrupted your plans of hooking with that guy", he teased her trying to cover the fact how much lot he cared for her.

Since childhood he loved his sister alot. He still remembers the state she entered the house on first day.

Her petite frame has many wounds all over her body. Her body covered with dust, her hair messy while her legs still oozing blood all over which resulted her dress to cover in a blood pool. Their father bought her home for her treatment instead of taking her to any hospital since it was a ruckus at that time.

As much as he remembered that was the toughest period for her to endure and she didn't take any initiative to talk to anyone even when she was in pain.

After trying many attempts to talk to her she spoke with him for the first time after two months and all she did was crying in his arms till she fell asleep. Since he was also young at that time he didn't know how to comfort her . All he could do was embrace her and give her a sense of secure feeling as her brother.

Daniel always wanted a little sister like all other boys of his age so he gladly accepted Marina as his younger sister with no qualms and he is glad till today for accepting her into the family.

Since the day she came into their home she became one of their family member and all of them doted her to no end as if she was their own flesh.

Daniel always looked after her, cared for her and loved her dearly even though he appeared aloof outside.

Even today even though he is busy with his work he still made time for his sister to accompany her. If he is not possible then he would atleast send his subordinates to accompany her to such places never leaving her alone.

Since she came to Silbon for studies he followed the suit and it's no wonder if he kept someone tailing her daily for her safety.

They both made their way through the straight lane in front of them and they will be to their destiny in just no time.

Just 20 more steps and they will knock at the door.

But unexpectedly the doors opened and the people who came out made Marina to stumble on her footing.

Daniel has quick reflexes so he immediately caught her in time before she fell down.

"Careful", he said and peered in his front as he didn't know what she saw that made her to let her guard down. He immediately pulled her aside seeing it is Paul and his disciple beside him.

Without waiting for her to snap back to reality he walked her to the car.

" May,let me do my job", he spoke slowly trying to ease her. He clearly knew what's going on in her mind right now .


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