Strangers in love
33 I found you!!!!
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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33 I found you!!!!

Sarah smiled and blushed.

"Nothing much but,just that I and Sarah are dating." Peter answered while Sarah blushed even more. Her face was visibly getting red due to her pale complexion.

"Elina I was going to tell you but....".

"When? When you were planning your wedding?Or after giving birth to your babies?"Elina cut her sentence and almost told so seriously, Sarah was terrified for a second. She was about to explain when Elina let out a laugh and hugged Peter "I'm happy for you both. Don't forget to invite me to your wedding."

"Hey, we have been dating for just a week. We are not getting married." Sarah said with frowned face. "What am I hearing, Peter. It seems your girl doesn't like you anymore." Sarah panicked again with Elina's words.

"It seems we have to work on this with more passion" Peter said locking his hand around Sarah's neck and winked at her. Elina smiled seeing them like that. She suddenly saw herself and Carter in their place. She was utterly shocked. What the fuck am I even imagining? She didn't know how to react to her mind's play.

"Ah... finally it's over."Elina sighed as stood infront of Envision. After having a talk with Peter at lunch, Sarah and Elina went to work. Lisa called Elina to come to her cabin and Elina was preparing her speech of apology while going in nervously. She expected Lisa to shout or fire her but, she surprised her with her words. OK, Lisa shouted for a bit of not considering all and just speaking without a thought but, she was a little supportive to her. She was told if she had any problem she should first inform Lisa and Lisa even promised to consider her idea if it was good like the morning one. Elina had mixed feelings about the whole situation. She was happy that her suggestion was used in the project. Thats a great acheivement as an intern in a big company. But, she was embarrassed by her thoughtlessness.

She never acted so mindlessly anywhere. Thinking about the situation her mind drifted to the past when she used to be mindless like now. Tears stirred in her eyes. Her eyes fill with tears whenever she thought about it. "Hey, stop" she was running towards the girl. "I found you!!" Elina cried from across the road. She never expected she will lose her that way. "No! Stop!" she was screaming at the uncontrollable nature as if it would all stop with her scream. "Hey, what happened?" Seth shook Elina out of her thoughts. Elina saw him but, she was mute towards the world.
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Seth eyed Elina with concern. She hasn't spoken a word since he found her on the street in front of her office building in tears. He at once ran towards her but, she seemed to be lost. She wasn't responding to anything. All she did was cry. He hugged her and slowly sat her into the car. And here there were, driving for almost an hour. Seth didn't want to leave her side when she like this. He has seen her in this stage many times by, today it was little more worse. Since, childhood she had this problem. He tried to ask her many times but, she would never say a word. She wouldn't even try to divert the topic. All she will do is stare at his face and turn away with tears. So, once he tried asking her father. He told this was problem after she got into an accident when she was a child. He also told not to discuss about it to Elina. After that, he stopped asking her and her "episodes" were Al's not that frequent. But, these days she was having it again. In a month, this was the second time and this was in worse state. "Maybe something is triggering all these actions. What might be the reason?" He thought as per his knowledge on mental problems.

"Bye" Elina absently waved at Seth. "I'll stay with you tonight." Seth said while getting out of car. "No, I want some time to think." she told as she walked towards the gate of her apartment. He wanted to go with her but, he understood her situation. He watched her leaving and hoped she will someday trust him with whatever is in her heart.


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