Strangers in love
32 A stupid genius
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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32 A stupid genius

Looking more into him she realized he is a handsome young lad.

He has the most common brown eyes but his fringed long eyelashes gave a complementary look for his eyes. He has a sharp chiselled nose while his lips forming a thin line asthough he was fretting over something. He has a luminous nut brown hair which exactly fit his all features. He was nearly 6 feet with a slender body.

"What? Already fall for me", he asked as she scrutinized him from head to toe.

Snapping back to reality and composing herself she berated," Young lad,dont you think you talk more than needed".

Not wanting to continue this meaningless conversation she continued walking while he trailed behind her closely.

"Do you have a boyfriend. Shall we exchange our contact numbers? ".

The young man didn't avert his gaze from her even a second as he closely observed her expressions after asking this question.
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Marina's mouth twitched at this question. Trying to act cool she asked, " Young lad, shouldn't you be in college at this hour. Why are you roaming around streets". At this point Marina lost all of her patience with him.

"I'm here for a vacation", he replied,

" My name Christen. Yours? ", he asked as curiousness overwhelmed him to know more about her.

Marina didn't bothered to give him a response.

" It's ok if you don't want to tell. I can know it later ". He looked like it didn't matter to him much for her not responding to him. Instead he asked,

" Why don't you show me around here. I heard Silbon has a great view".

"Young lad, the way you trying to strike a conversation is cheesy. Why don't you learn how to talk first", she mocked him.

'Why is it so hard to keep up the conversation with him'.

"Isn't it polite to exchange names atleast when the other party introduced ", he pouted as though he was disappointed for her not thing him.

Now what! Since she told he is childish did he tell her that she was so cheeky for not giving her name to him?

" Little boy, my boyfriend is on his way here. Don't you think it will be no good if he sees you following me around like this", she raised her left eyebrow as if she was questioning a criminal.

"You sure know how to play jokes", he laughed looking innocent.

"Who is it May? ", a deep base voice came from his side.


The entrilling voice indeed made her to forget the situation she is in right now to the point she could just think about him.

"I like this. Let's proceed with this." Carter suddenly said among the silence. He then stood up and just walked out of the conference hall with his secretary behind him but Elina didn't notice any of it till Lisa walked out of the conference.

Lisa didn't speak a word to her. Elina watched as Lisa exited the hall like a dumped boyfriend hoping for his girlfriend to look back after break up.

"You are smart. And daring too. What's your position?" Elina was shocked by sudden voice of Lucas and stepped back a step.

"Probably out of the office after one hour?" Elina answered with deep tone while facing the ceiling of the hall.

"No, I was asking about which position you are working in the company" Lucas chuckled showing his neatly aligned white teeth.

"Intern" Elina replied little embarrassingly. "What? You are an intern??" Though his words were like that he didn't have a hint of amaze in his voice or, maybe she imagined it. Whatever it may be,her head was literally spinning.

What? I just stood up and told what I thought was right? That too in this big conference? That too without knowing what I was saying? Elina couldn't believe herself. She had never been this brave to go and speak in front of a mass of people about her ideas. Of course, she has given many presentations and speeches. But, she had never spoken without preparing or at least having an idea what she was speaking.

"Wow, girl! You really are a genius. But, a stupid genius." Sarah came out of nowhere startling.

"How do you just pop out of nowhere" Elina asked still startled. "Hey ladies, what's happening?" Peter came just behind Sarah. He is working as designing head in marketing department since 2 years. As soon as he came, he pulled Sarah by her waist and hugged her. Sarah was surprised but, eventually she gave in Nuzzled in his neck. Elina understood. Then she remembered her conversation Sarah once. She said that peter was cute when they were casually chilling in smack area checking out men of Envision. "Hey, Peter. Is there anything I should know?" Elina asked eyeing both of them as a teacher demanding answers from her students.


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