Strangers in love
31 chapter 31- Merger of start-ups
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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31 chapter 31- Merger of start-ups

Everyone were watching Elina with their curious eyes. Sarah was utterly dumbfounded by her move. "Why in the world did she get up?" Sarah cursed at Elina.

Elina knew she's screwed up by Lisa after the meeting is finished.

Damn it!. She could feel many piercing gazes on her whole body.

Finally she managed to clear her throat and spoke very confidentally, "I want to say that execution of this plan can gain us losses in future."

"That's it. Lisa is gonna kill me." Sarah thought in her mind. Lisa gave Sarah the responsibility to look over Elina and explain her everything she feels is uncomfortable in. Lisa was there standing like a statue when Elina got up. Now, with these words she was almost losing her temper.

"Excuse me?" Lisa managed to get out of her mouth. Now, Elina started to get worried due to wrong conveying of message. "I mean to say that, the plan of merger with the big companies will workout but somehow, in the future we will have to face the losses."
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Nobody moved. The atmosphere was heavy in the room. Everyone were stilled in their moments as though time was stopped right now. Most of them were utterly shocked to see an intern raising her voice in front of the whole company, against a well prepared strategy by the financial department.

"Then, what do you suggest miss?" Stan was the one to talk. Stan also motioned his hand towards the stage indicating her to continue on stage.

Elina moved from her seat and moved towards the stage. Carter's eyes were just glued to her. When she went up and stood beside Lisa, Stan spoke again "Do you have a better plan for the project?" his voice was measured and his eyes a little comforting so not to give a hard impression to her.

Unknowing to himself he gave some confidence for her to speak up what's there in her mind, "Sir,I wouldn't say that I have a better plan. What is suggested now will yeild us a very good profits but, this won't run in the long term."

"So, you say the mergers should be done but not with these companies?" This time Eric spoke keeping his voice straight. Even though, Carter's eyes were fixed on her he was on his work mode. Carter was understanding what she was conveying.

"Yes . These companies have good share value and increased performance through sales. They also have great record on working with news technologies but, they still are lagging in some areas. Instead of merging with big and successful companies, it's easier to work with the emerging ones. The benefits are very good and also the outcomes are proved to be successful these days. The start ups mainly have young talent who wanna grow so, their would be no problem in working with the new technologies. Moreover, the share values of these are also very less and in some cases, the only thing matters is opportunities."

"The market price for our project will also increase by working with new talent rather than opting for mergers with the same companies. The world is very interested in new things over traditional. Also, working with start ups can increase the benefits for Envision too. Start ups prove to be more successful are generally associated with local markets. There are many start ups which grew rapidly despite their limited market.This can also help us to explore local markets more and meet their demands. Overall, this can be very beneficial to Envision on present and future map." Elina scanned the room after she finished saying her plan. Nobody was responding. She just looked at everyone with blank face.

The only thing she can hear right now was her own heart beat which seemed to jump out of her mouth any moment if this deadly silence continues for longer. Then when she thought she might be criticized by others for her impulsive move an unexpected voice came.


Why is it so difficult to find a house. Looks like I need to ask others for help .Marina had a hard time finding the address her brother sent.

"Excuse me mister", Marina called out some random man who is a passerby on the street.

Marina wore a sky blue top and a black skirt which perfectly hugged her curves enhancing her beauty while her hair hung loosely which was brushing by the wind.

It was a midday still with hot blazing sun. The bright rays falling on her fair white skin gave her a golden glow surrounding her which made her look more beautiful.Since she came directly from office her dress gave a well refined look to her adding to her exquisite features.

" So beautiful ", the young man commented as he stared intently at her without blinking his eyes." Are you mixed blood? ", he asked seeing her blue colored eyes.

Marina gave a silly grin thinking she came across a weirdo. She didn't know how to respond to his question. Not wanting to have a long conversation with a stranger she immediately got to the purpose of her stopping him.

" Can I bother you to tell me where is this place", she showed the address to him.

The young man looked at it for a good enough time seeming to deliberately think about the place.

Later while scratching his head he replied with a foolish smile, "well,, I'm new to this area and I don't know much here. But we can look together for this place".

He advised wanting to know more about Marina.

" Thank you, no more trouble for you. I can look for it myself", she tried to get rid of him by declining his offer.

He understood she wants to get rid of him. But he doesn't want to loose his chance. "That's not at all troublesome. I can get familiar with the surroundings by helping you", following it he gave a wink to her while smiling brightly.


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