Strangers in love
30 chapter 30- A new revolution in the tech industry
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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30 chapter 30- A new revolution in the tech industry

The conference hall was on 24th floor. All the important and annual meeting were held there. When she was told about the conference, Elina was so excited. After her one month of "analyzing of annual reports" as an intern finally a real education.

Lisa called all interns and gave special instructions about the meeting. She told it was a great opportunity to learn how Envision works. She was so excited about this. But, she didnt expect it to go like this. 'Is that her?' was the only question going on in a loop in her mind. She has seen many blue eyed people but, she exactly has the same. How? Is she really her? Elina eyes became moist at the thought of Emily.

As the thoughts ran in her head, she and Sarah reached the conference room. Lisa was just coming from the other side. "Finally made it in time." Sarah said with shaking voice from all the fast walking. The conference hall was huge. It was like lecture hall.

Sarah found a seat on the third row on the right of the room of both of them. The room was almost filled. All the interns in all departments were here. Everyone were chatting and laughing. This doesn't look like a conference hall at all. "This looks like movie premiere." Sarah said and looked at Elina. "Hey, are you OK?" Sarah asked Elina when she saw how pale her face was. "Yea, yeah. I'm fine." Elina was little tensed and sweat broke at her hairline.

Just then, two men in suits entered the room. Everyone stood up. The employees in front greeted them.

"Hey bro, I can't find Marina here", Stan asked out of blue seeing there was no sight of her.

"She's off today", Eric replied gloomily and suddenly the air surrounding him felt chill.

"Why so pissed off brother. Did she go on a date with her boyfriend? ".

Stan was wearing a white shirt paired with a blue blazer. He had his iconic ruffled copper hair. He seemed playful and jovial but, not when he is serious.
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Eric was wearing black suit. He had an aura of seriousness during work but, not all times. Elina noticed them enter but, she couldn't move at all. She knew she had to calm down or else something bad might happen to her. Elina started to take deep breaths to calm herself down. "El, just calm down. She can't be her. Focus on work. Clear your mind."

Just as she was calming herself and clearing her mind, the door opened and Carter entered. He entered with his as usual long strides. "Handsome as always." Elina found Sarah saying it. As soon as he entered everyone literally shifted to their work mode.

Carter, Eric and Stan straightly went to their seats in the front row and all the people working on the project were seated on the raised platform. The projector was set up and mid-twenties black- haired man stood up.

Lucas, the IT department head started by greeting everyone and started to explain what the project was all about. Lucas is a genius with computers. He joined Envision two years ago and his games and apps became a huge hit.

All of them silently listened, as every department head were saying their own strategy for the project. The project was about a new revolution in the tech industry which will have high influence on the mobiles.

After Lucas, Lisa got up from her place and tapped on her mic. All the eyes were on her as the whole project will depend on her tactic. This project will have a great effect on the mobile industry and this will lead to it's disapproval so, they have to come with an idea of mergers with the mobile companies. Elina was getting more and more interested in the project.

"Good morning everyone, I'm Lisa Nelson, head of finance department."Lisa started her presentation. "As everyone knows this project involves so much threat from the tech industry so, I would like to suggest a merger with these companies."

She displayed all the major companies in the industry. "I highly suggest a mergers with these companies as their products are best sellers and they had been keeping up with the new technology also. They have a big market and their sales and shares values have also been going up impressively."

"Won't we be wasting our money by doing so?" everyone turned towards the owner of the voice. Carter also turned to see. There, on the second seat of third row he saw the same girl. He at once went still as rock his eyes locked only on Elina. Eric just then turned towards Carter after eyeing Elina and saw his neck muscles tense. He saw something different in Carter's eyes today. Not today but, in this moment. Eric followed Carter's line of sight and saw Elina. He knew at once Carter had something going on in his head.

Everyone watched Elina with curious eyes as no one ever, from the start of Envision no one have interrupted a meeting like she did.


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