Strangers in love
29 I“m going to find someone
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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29 I“m going to find someone

"W-What do you mean?" tension was building up in Elina's voice. Sarah was almost unable to move as she stared at Lisa's reflection in the mirror. Lisa was standing there at the doorway with a neutral expression. Her eyes were filled with rage.

"Do you want me to set you up with Carter Collin?" she asked but, with hint of rage sounding clearly in her voice.

"Why.... Does this always happen to me?" Elina thought.

Lisa walked straight to them and stood in front of them. Just as Lisa stopped in front of them Sarah turned around, "Hey.... Lisa. How you doing?We were just playing around eh.. Eh", Elina side glanced Sarah to make sense what was she saying. Sarah opened her mouth to say something again but, gave up against lisa's gaze.

"Looks like she is already prepared for a good scolding. So you better play along with her.Atleast you will have less in your place.",the evil mind of Elina concluded.

"Really? You  think that about your friend? Your only friend here?" Elina thought again.

"I see you two got great plans to do. I hope the important meeting won't disturb your plans. Can I ask will you be attending the meeting?", Lisa's stern voice came sarcastically as crossed her arms in from of them.

"Lisa don't get us wrong. We were just joking around here.", with this without a pause in her movement she stepped out of washroom.

"Hurry up to the conference room", Lisa signaled towards the door. Both Elina and Sarah were relieved to hear. Just when they were about to step out of her gaze, Lisa stepped a little to face Elina "Miss. Elina. I see you require a lot of work to do." she said with a low voice. Elina was taken aback a bit. Saying this Lisa went into the cubicle.

"I see a very bad future for you." Sarah said while they both were watching Lisa go. Elina sighed deeply and looked towards sarah who was also looking at her. Elina suddenly put a headlock on her "Isn't this all trouble because of you?". Sarah gave out shriek out of surprise. Elina shushed her and dragged her out of the washroom.

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"Get in",Eric's lazy yet a little bossy voice came from inside. " If they are documents to be signed keep them aside and move ".

" Mr. Eric. Can you give me a half-day leave today", Marina asked while her face full of hopes and happy.

Eric peeked out from his computer, "Looks like even the workaholic Marina takes leave some times".

'You idiot. Isn't it just a half-day leave. Why making a fuss over it' thinking  she unknowingly tugged at her lower hem tightly.

Eric raised his eyebrows expecting an answer from her. When she didnt answer he understand she was determined.

"I'm afraid you can't get a leave today. We are having meeting soon.", he declared changing to his stern self.

"If that's the case,I'm off sir. I will accept deductions."

Eric was really shocked by her words. He stood from his chair and leaned back in front of her while placing his hands to support himself on the table.

Eric seemed like freting over something but nontheless asked.

"Valid reason. Then you may go", he told walking past her.

"I'm going to find someone." Marina told under her breath thinking what reason would be 'valid' of her. "I suppose you even lose people other than your phone." Eric asked while studying papers in his hand. Marina was startled suddenly "It's nothing like that....." 'He is still sharp' Marina spoke while thinking. "Its just that, I've to pick my brother. He is really bad with directions. Especially in his visit here."

"You may leave. Secretary Kim will be assisting us for this meeting. But, before give all my unsigned documents to secretary Kim." he said, again walking past her to his desk. "Yes, Mr. Eric. Thank you" Marina said with a bit of excitement in her voice.

"Finally. I'm gonna go find her." Marina said. She immediately arranged all the papers and went towards conference hall to find Kim Mi So.

"Elina.... Slow---" Elina was dragging Sarah she she bumped into Marina when they turned right towards conference. "Oh. I'm really sorry. I didn't watch you coming" Elina said while picking up papers which were scattered from Marina's when they bumped.

"I'm sor--" Elina's voice was stuck up in her throat. "Its alright. It happens. Well thanks for helping. I'm sorry too for bumping." Marina said to Elina and took off towards conference hall."She is so pretty. Secretary Marina." Sarah said seeing Marina. "What's wrong with you." she elbowed Elina who went pale and was dumbstruck. 'Is she her?' Elina thought. She couldn't hear anything. Those blue eyes were all she could think. "Oh, shit. Lisa will throw us down the building. Hurry!" Sarah dragged Elina who was standing like a statue.


" Hello brother.Where are you coming to pick me up. We can have dinner later together ", Marina exclaimed happily.

" Didn't you say you will go check it yourself.", the man on the other side firmly said.

" Brother. How can you be angry over such small thing. How I go there alone without you? Let's go".Marina got it that he won't be moved easily. So she started to use her cute attacks on him.

'So troublesome. How come her cute side only be revealed when she has some work with me. But she is my lovely sister. Should I go?'

For a second the man made up his mind to go tag along her but he was no stupid to not to know how his lovely sister was playing on him.

"No", he hung up the call.

"What! This brother of mine. Can't he pick me up. Whatever. I can drive myself there".


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