Strangers in love
28 Chapter 28--Shall I set you up with Carter?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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28 Chapter 28--Shall I set you up with Carter?

"Ahh ... This is so frustrating" Elina threw the pen she was holding. She rubbed her eyes and leaned back on her seat. Papers were scattered all over her desk.

"It's only two weeks and you are already a mess darling" Sarah spoke with a sympathetic and understanding tone.
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Really, it was so hectic to be working as an intern. As told, Elina reported her work in her first week to Lisa. Lisa was not so impressed by her. Lisa said she just doesn't understand how it all works. Elina wanted to just slap in her face for saying that and when Elina told the whole conversation between her and Lisa, Sarah gave a complementary look emphasizing, "you are very lucky to get just yelled by her. She literally threw most of our papers in dustbin ". Of course, as Sarah told Lisa didn't really yell. Lisa just made a face saying: "How does your brain actually function?", while Elina has same doubt about Lisa.

After that, she was given a pile of annual reports for studying." I'll be giving you a bunch of annual reports. Study them clearly. Make a report of them and submit it to me next week. Let's see after that", Lisa told after that.

"You should have told that earlier. Was I just a clown roaming around in the office for this one week?" Elina thought in her mind.

When Lisa said bunch of papers Elina thought just a bunch. But, the "bunch" she was given were like a pile of mountain. She was given a whole wooden box of annual reports. She just couldn't believe how can someone finish these in one week? Still, she said down working but by the evening she just completed only ten papers. She knew at once, she would never be able to complete it in her life. "Shift over. I'm leaving." Sarah cheerfully waved goodbye to Elina. Elina smiled seeing her energy at the end of the day.

Elina stretched herself and yawned when she sat in her favorite car after a tough day. "Are you sweeping all the floors of your office?" Seth asked bitterly.

"Even worse," Elina had no interest in talking. She was just tired from work. She was analyzing the papers like she was crazy. Though, the papers were too many she was really interested in them. As it had more of thinking work to do her head was feeling too heavy and she was tired like hell.

"Are you OK?" Seth sounded really concerned this time. He hasn't seen elina in this state till now.

"I'm Just more tired than usual", she let out a sigh closing her eyes.

"You need a lot of rest,El", Seth suggested worriedly while resenting the one who gave Elina so much of work to do under his breath.

"I know but, work comes first", she replied.

"Your speaking as if you have the responsibility of whole Envision."

"I have. After all, I'm the future president of Envision" Elina chuckled at her own "joke" but, Seth was not having it. He was more worried for Elina now and the worst thing is that he can't do anything in this situation.


"Hey, Eli!" Sarah literally yelled at her. Elina was so startled that the lip balm fell out from her hand. "Oh baby, are you planning to swoon our bosses?" Sarah said tucking a strand of her loose hair behind her hair.

"Bosses?" she asked with an innocent face.

"Its an important meeting that's why the interns were also told to attend the meeting." Sarah told coolly while applying a pinkish shade lipstick.

"What? The bosses are coming? That means..." Elina's mind was working fast. "That means Carter, Eric and Stan collin will be there?"

"Did they recruit any new president to Envision" Sarah asked acting innocent face. When Elina made a face Sarah laughed out.

"Elina they are the only founders of Envision and they will be coming to the meeting." Elina had trouble again. She was constantly avoiding Carter since she found he was 'The Carter Collin the Almighty president of Envision'. How she could face him after what happened?That too as an intern in his own company.

"Ah... This is too frustrating" she exclaimed to herself.

"What?" Sarah will pulling out her lipstick.

"Seeing the bosses" Elina said.

"Really? You are the first one saying it. Everyone are really smitten for them." Sarah said while busy admiring herself in the mirror. 'If you only knew what happened' Elina gave a pitiful look towards Sarah. But, she decided to avoid all those things running her mind. "And, what do you think of them?" Elina asked with playful voice.

"I can only think about them. Like imagine them being yours." Sarah said with dreamy eyes. Elina chuckled at her. "Do you want me to set you up with umm.... Carter Collin?" Sarah said out of blue and Elina was panicking like hell.

"Wha you mean?", Elina's eyes widened in shock.


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