Strangers in love
27 Did you find her?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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27 Did you find her?

" Please don't mind it ", she said with her head lowered.

" I like that behavior of yours Marina. Be like who you are. That's your true beauty ".

" You are flattering me", she then took the car keys and showed it to him, " Is it a way of expressing your sorry for yesterday's incident? ", Marina gave a smirk.

" That's a company thing", he started to approach her closer and closer and in an instant they were just a face distance between them while at first she started to sink down to the sofa but after making some move she was actually at the corner of the sofa while he was straightly looking into her eyes. Marina looked straight into the pair of gentle and doting dark irises and felt like herself drowning in them.
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He finally regained his senses when she started to blink her eyes. "I have many ways to show how bad I felt for leaving a beautiful lady like that in the middle of the night", he gave a wink and went back to his seat , his face as composed as earlier.

" As I heard, you are very good talker. I wonder how many girls fell for these words", she asked curious to know how many relationships he entered into.

"No matter how many, they are not even a finger nails worth of comparable with the beauty in front of my eyes".

Both of them bursted into laughter.

" These are still working hours Mr. President ", Marina remainded him.

" The company won't go down just because you stopped working for an hour", he replied nonchalantly.

"But I might need to work overtime", she replied with a frown.

" Then we can have dinner together once again. But this time, I will drop you by your home ".

"Is this how the great president of Envision talks with his employees? ", she asked arching an eye brow.

" Specially only with you my-lady", he gave a silly grin to her.

"It's really fun talking to you Eric. I will go back now", she stood and took a step but once again Eric's voice sounded.

" Yes, you better go and continue your work. Otherwise, tomorrow's headlines would be "Envision gone bankrupt" ", he started to tease her.

Turning Marina resoluted, " I didn't mean that".

"I'm just joking. Don't take my words seriously".Eric got up from his seat and went back to his desk, reading the papers which he placed on the desk.

After seeing him minding his business, Marina too went back to her seat.

As soon as the door closed Eric gave a sign of relief. He then held his head falling into a reverie.

" The hell was wrong with me. I would have just slipped it out from my own mouth. Damn man, you need to calm down. Why do I feel she is someone who is close to me, close to my heart. I never felt like it. Why am I showing all my true feelings to her?How can she makes me feel someone who knows me well, who understands me well. She can clearly see through my thoughts. How come she is making my high built walls fall apart when I'm around her. Why my heart worries about her. She makes me smile, she makes me to worry. Who are you Marina and what is this known feeling about you?



Just as Marina came out of the room and sat on her desk her phone started to vibrate. Her eyes quivered at the callers id at first and her eyes travelled around her surroundings.

She got up from her place and went to attend the call thinking there would be no one in the indoor games room.

"Did you find anything about her? ", there was a joint of anxiety in her voice.

" I think our search will come to an end soon. We got her previous address but we need to confirm it. In no time you can see her", the other person sounded happy.

"Hmm.... Text me the address I will look into it after work", she sounded rather serious now.

" No trouble for you. I'm getting paid for my work or are you worried that we are not competent enough to find her?"

"Of course I'm worried. You see no one in this world are to be trusted" she chuckled as she told it to other person on the phone. "Yeah, just go and find yourself" the male tone sounded bit sarcastic. Marina laughed " We will go together after my work" "Did you find something over there?" he asked sounding a bit serious. "Not that useful. I'll tell when we meet....." ,As she spoke she started to walk near the door without making any foot sound.

She suddenly flung open the door," Ok I see you there then", she ended the call. But she felt little suspicious. "That's so strange. I thought someone was here. Whatever,I need to be careful next time ", thinking she left the place.


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