Strangers in love
26 A sweet apology
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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26 A sweet apology

Wake up wake up wake up its time for new day~~

Wake up wake up wake up its time for new day~~

Elina heard a familiar tune. She searched the table on her right side to off the alarm. She then rubbed her eyes and saw the sunbathed room and the occasional sounds of chirpings of birds from outside. As soon as she got off from the bed her hand reached for her head which was throbbing with pain. She went out and saw Seth sleeping soundly on the sofa with his leg half lying on ground and he was a complete mess.

She went back to have a wash up. Hearing the splashing sounds from the bathroom Seth opened his peach-blossom eyes. He got up from the sofa searching for his phone to see what time is it?

" It's past 7:30 .phew!!",he let out a sign and dived into kitchen to show his mastery in cooking.

By the time Elina came out from the bathroom she got a whiff of delicious smells coming from kitchen. In no time she got herself ready and went into kitchen. She went to the pan and took a huge breathe of the delicious pasta Seth made.

"It's such a waste of your skills. Why don't you become a chef? ", she asked.

He pushed her aside who looked like an predator preying it's food , " It's such a waste of your skills in fighting. Why don't you become a master of karate ? ".

She gave a silly grin. " When did you learn cooking? ", she asked him curious to know where did he learnt it from.

" Probably since I'm 10", he asserted.

"From whom? ".

" Ofc, it's from my mother. You know she was an awesome cook. I tried many times to make spaghetti and meatballs. But I never got her taste. You know, she makes her own sauce which adds a flavorful taste to

it. . .. ",Seth answered her as a matter of fact and continued to praise his mothers cooking skills.

Elinas smile widened from ear to ear as he continued cooking while talking about his childhood incidents .

Placing the bowls and plates on the dining table Elina immediately started digging in. She almost finished her fill. " Really man, if you open a restaurant it will be a crowd puller, of course many girls and women will come to your restaurant because of your looks".

"You ungrateful idiot, you took my cooking for nothing. I agree I'm handsome but it wasn't only my quality for being a crowd puller", he snorted.

Elina finished eating ,both of them made their way out.

.. . .. . .

Not even after five minutes the landphone on Marina's desk started to ring.

As soon as she lifted the phone Eric's calm voice sounded. "Marina come to my office", with this he ended the call.

Marina got up from her seat and went out of the room.

As soon as she went out the gossipers again started gossiping.

Marina heard their words but didn't mind them. She entered into the room without knocking and then went near his desk.

" How can I help you sir? ".

" Do you know how to make chamomile tea? ".

" Yes sir".

"Then make two cups".

Marina went into the kitchen in his office and started making chamomile tea.

Soon the tantalizing aroma of fresh chamomile tea filled the air. Marina thought some guest might be coming . Marina poured the tea in the old fashioned, classic China cups.

She carried them in a tray .

As soon as he saw Marina coming out of the kitchen with a tray filled with cups on it he placed the papers in his hand on the desk and went to her.

He then took the tray from her hands , went to the teak-made cute but, classy table and placed them on it, while Marina trailed after him not knowing what was he doing.

He took his seat on the sofa , he then patted his hand on the place next to him indicating her to sit beside him.

Marina sat beside him wondering what was he up to now.

Eric placed a tea cup in her hands while he started sipping his tea.

"Sorry for last night. Initially I planned of having the honour to drop the best employee in Envision at her home. But you know suddenly some stuff came up and it's very important. So I had to go", he replied very calmly not at all revealing any emotion from his well composed face.

" That's ok. Work is more important ".

"That's good. Hopefully you understood me", Eric's smile broadened while his body seemed to relax more now.

" Looks like you two brothers are very close? ".

At the thought of Carter,Eric's smile widened whose face got all its colour back, " Yeah, we are. He might be cold outside, but deep inside he loves us

more than anyone and we share almost every small incident that happens In our lives".

"Ahh... Bromance? ", Marina let out a chuckle as this words trailed off her mouth.

"After all he is the only.... ", noting it was Marina on the other side the rest of the sentence " Family I have",didn't come out of his mouth . Trying to divert the topic he took out a car key from his suit pocket.

"This is the company's car provided to the head secretary", he told it and placed them next to the coffee tray. "I just hoped you reached safe and soundly to home last night", Eric told as worry filled his eyes.
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" Otherwise I won't be here Mr. President ", Marina replied as a matter of fact.

Eric shook his head and let out a sign, "Train your mind to see the good every situation miss".

A creased formed on her forehead, " Hey, do you mean I always see bad from everything ", she then pouted her mouth which looked adorable like a little puppy with big eyes.

Eric pinched her nose lightly, " I didn't mean that".

"You are a creepy..... ", noting it was her boss in front of her She timidly lowered her head and pulled at the lower hem of her dress.


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