Strangers in love
25 He left!!!
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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25 He left!!!

"Excuse me ", Eric left her interview in middle and went to find out what's the matter.

" Yeah Carter, what's wrong?", knowing it was so odd for his brother to call him right now he straightly got to the point.

"Eric, go and meet Mr. Vincent regarding the new collaboration project", he replied nonchalantly.

" Ok my dear brother, but where are you right now? ", asked Eric as a curious sensation overwhelmed him.

" Near kingdom mall".

" Did something happen. It is so unusal for you to skip work . It's unlike you ", he probed again for not getting the expected answer he wanted.

" It's a long story Eric. I will tell you later", Carter replied.

"It's ok. You can just brief it", Eric tried once again to know what happened .

" It's just that I crossed my path with some random girl here who exactly looked like her and I think I saw her today also and..... .", at the thought of Murph, Carter was at loss of words .

" Her ", was enough for Eric who Carter was actually referring to. So he didn't ask who " Her" was?

"And? ", Eric asked Cater sceptically.

" U know... It's that... Last night She was drunk and puked at me. Seeing her condition I thought it's not good to leave her there. She resembled her and I started loosing control of myself", Carter voice came out stuttering but he finally managed to explain what happened back then.

" So...You sucked her dry , exhausted and now seeking for rest? ", he asked amused to know Carter lost his control because of a random girl.

" You are going too over-broad", Carter replied as a matter of fact.

"Then? ", Of course it's not that Eric don't know about Carter. Carter is not someone to take advantage of a drunk girl.

" I just was a bit worked up and later went to have a shower to calm down", Carter told.

"Ok. I will go then", with this Eric ended the call as he got the main zest of the matter.

It's not Carter's first time doing this. Whenever he remembered her he won't behave like himself ,blames himself for not being with her and just shuts him in that room not allowing anyone to meet him.

Forgetting about the girl who tagged along with him to the restaurant Eric left the place without a back glance.

Marina saw him going towards exit from the garden. She pressed a button at the side of the table to call the waitress.
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" Bill please ", Marina asked the waitress like a lady . She then took out a card from her bag and passed it to the waitress" The pin is :4xxx".

" Wait a minute mam", the waitress went and came back in no time.

"We hope you enjoyed our services mam", the waitress spoke as Marina got up from her seat. She just smiled a little at the waitress and left the place.


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