Strangers in love
24 It“s like chess
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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24 It“s like chess

Both of them reached the top floor together and the view on the top floor was eye pleasing. Stars already started playing their wonder in the sky. It was a see through glass to sky and the restaurant was not like all others.

It was like a garden and there was a clean way paving path to different tables. The tables were placed at a fine distance far from one another while large bushes covering the surroundings of table making each table as a private room. The waitress lead the way towards Eric's usual place.

They reached their place. It was exactly the middle of the hotel which has a pond beside it. The pond has some beautiful water flowers in it making it feel like a candle light dinner and a slow romantic music started filling the air.

Eric moved a chair and turned towards Marina, "please have a seat", asked Eric to Marina as a well groomed young master.

Marina took her seat and thanked him with a little smile on her lips. The whole scene which the waitress witnessed made her to feel as if it was a dream and she pinched herself to check whether it was real or not.

This was Eric's first time bringing a girl to this restaurant and on top of all that he was actually treating her very gently .

A waitress immediately came towards them, " May I know what would you like to have,sir", she asked.

"Bring two plates of steak and a bottle of William Shiraz " he ordered the limited edition of the Draytons family wines and then passed the menu to Marina " Do you want to have any more ", he asked to confirm whether she want anymore or not.

" That will be fine", she said.

"You can go now", he ordered the waitress.

Just as the waitress turned around to leave the area to get food his voice once again rang behind her, " Bring a glass of orange juice too", he added.

"As you order sir", she said with a smile plastered on her face.

" You can have Orange juice incase if you don't want to have the wine", he told her.

"That was so thoughtful Mr. President ", she told while smiling brightly which resembled a blue butterfly flying on the bright day in the fields and it made very refreshing.
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" Your smile is beautiful ", he read his inner thoughts out and was amused for spacing out in front of her.

Her smile brightened, " Thank you", she replied.

Immediately the food was served and Eric told the waitress to leave after serving the wine, "Let's have a toast for you to have a successful career in Envision", he then raised his glass of wine.

Marina raised her glass of wine. Clink!

"So.... How is it going? In your new company? ", he asked casually as a friend.

" Just fine. No late night works. No need to step into other shoes and specially no need to attend banquets instead of others ....blahblah".

Both of them started to chortle at the way she told. She then started to cut the steak . "You can have this", he replaced her plate with his. The steak was neatly cut into pieces for her. "Its a bit hard to cut" he scrunched his nose in an amusing way.

"Thank you gentleman", she then placed a piece of steak in her mouth. It was one of the finest steak she ever had. Though it seemed hard to cut, it was unbelievebly soft in her mouth and the texture of this perfectly cooked steak in her mouth is nearly impossible to describe. The slight chew, the tenderness, the juiciness...was unexplainable.

" It's really good Eric", she complemented the food in front of her eyes and both continued eating while chattering.

"Great Eric, you are a successful businessman,infact successful among successful." She stopped for a minute. "Would you mind telling what made Envision so great? ", she asked him turning serious all of a sudden.

Eric arched an eyebrow at her, " Can I take this as an interview

Miss. Clare? ".

Instead of answering to his question she remained mum with her serious expression darkening in her face while curiosity enveloped her eyes.

" If I have to say it, Carter. He is the one behind Envision. The result of his vision is Envision.", Eric gave a very short and meaningful explanation to her.

Yes, if Carter wasn't there, then there would be no Envision, the top company in the world. Even though he was young by age he saw the lot brutality on this earth. Being decieved by his own men Carter understood how the world plays and by learning from each situation he finally became a master of manipulation. Not only he is a person of mind, he is also a very powerful person and will get what he wants-no matter what.

"Actually,its hard to tell about Envision but, it's like chess"

"You are comparing the success of a company with a GAME? ", stunned by his response Marina asked this question.

Eric let out a chuckle at her

question, " Look Marina ,chess is game of intelligence and exact action being the basis of everything . It is a game of planning, temperament, and being able to adapt to each changing situation".

"So you say chess makes one a great businessman ", she said jokingly.

" I won't say exactly, but it the basis to everything ", he replied nonchalantly.

" So you are telling your company is like game of chess, so.....there must be someone against to play, right? ", just as she finished asking this question Eric's phone started ringing.

With ease he took out his phone which displayed Addy on the caller ID.

"Didn't he go to  a meeting? Why is he calling me now?" Eric's thoughts started.


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