Strangers in love
23 chapter 23- Don“t leave me
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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23 chapter 23- Don“t leave me

To end the killing silence in the car Eric turned on the audio player. Don't leave me BTS song started to play. Soon the car filled with an unknown emotion while sadness is evident in Eric's eyes while series of incidents flashed across his mind of his childhood memories with his first love.

As the song flowed Eric started to sing along with the song.

There are several layers of meaning

To your words, What is what?

Mysterious footprints

Find them and follow

Cornered are my shadows

Hidden behind the light, what?

Can't meet you, the only one who knows my answer

Before it comes to an end

I wanna know everything

The more time flows, the more it deepens

I'm between your past and future right now

Don't leave me

I believe, start running

No ending... you're my heartbeat

No matter what, rain falls

No matter what, darkness erases

I'll definitely save you

You are not alone

The hand of the clock that should be frozen is now

Advancing, step by step, like moving on

Calling me, passing me

Missing all of it, destiny

Even so, it starts the one way race

Even if we start to separate, that's ok

You don't gotta worry 'bout a thing

Nah, not a thing

This time, it's my turn to send them

I'll definitely reach you, your thoughts

If only I could rewind time and start over

You cry between the shadow and light

Don't leave me

I believe, reach out

No ending... you're my hope

No matter what, rain falls

No matter what, darkness erases

Keep your eyes open and feel it

You are not alone

Everything returns to the past in seconds

I found a reason for living in the present

Meeting you

Don't Leave me

I believe, start running

No ending... you're my heartbeat

No matter what, rain falls

No matter what, darkness erases

I'll definitely save you

You are not alone.

As the song ended he kept a great emphasis on the words you are not alone, but deep inside his heart he felt an extreme pain and he knows Emily was alone without him.

"Wow, I never thought you were a good singer. Why don't you join in a idol group. I'm sure girls will run after you for both your looks and for your voice. It was so sweet like honey and man..... That base voice of yours was simply awesome and the way you sang while feeling the intense of the song was simply unexplainable", she started praising him which seemed endless and at first she didn't pay much attention to his singing but as the song started to end she understood that she actually fell in love with his voice and for the lyrics.

" Even now many girls are after me. BTS song lyrics are very good. Their songs have good message which is very inspirational for many. The songs are also very catchy", he expressed his true opinion on the group.

"So.... It turned out that you were a fan of BTS? ....BTS army", she asked him.

" Probably. Most of their songs make people to connect their life and like that they became unique and now top band all around the world", he told.

"Even I like them. But, i exactly cant tell i'm their fan like you.I mean I like few of their songs like fake love, magic shop , make it right, dream glow and few others".

" Nice. What food do you want to have. Italian or Spanish or ", Eric asked to know what she want to have for dinner.

" Anything is fine with me ", she replied shrugging her shoulders.

" Then let's have steak. I know a nice restaurant nearby which serves best steak ", he replied with a cheerful smile.

" Ok".

Eric took a right turn and after passing two restaurants he stopped his car in front of the clove garden . Just the Outerior was enough to say that it was a place belonged to rich.

Eric stepped out of the car while Marina followed him. At the entrance Eric showed a golden card which is a VVIP pass which takes them directly to the best spot in the hotel. The manager came out as he saw Eric showing his golden card to the welcome boy.

"Mr.collin, please forgive him. He is new to this job so he might have asked to show you the card", the hotel manager trailed towards Eric with a waitress behind him. He then bowed in front of Eric.

" It's ok. It was his job to check", Alex replied promptly. As expected this is a hotel which requires advanced booking nearly one month before for average man or woman. But to this rich it just requires a pass to enter into it and take the best seat in this hotel.

"Mr.Eric would you like to take your usual place", the manager asked.
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" Yes".

In rush the manager left Eric and went to arrange the place. Both of them reached the top floor together .


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