Strangers in love
22 chapter 22-dried blue sea is not good to see
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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22 chapter 22-dried blue sea is not good to see

He entered the room and saw the girl who picked his interest. She only had the desk lamp on and didn't on the rooms light. Her expression told him she was working on something very seriously. Her perfectly crafted face was shining under the golden glow of desk lamp.He stood there sometime seeing her like that who was completely immersed in her work not minding the surroundings. Her thick wavy, long hair was now tied into a pony. Her celestial nose gave her a little girl look that makes one's lips to curl up.

She wore a formal dress which consisted of a white casual blouse with a black skirt. When some of her hair loosly hung she tugged it back her ear with ease. She raised her hand to pick the coffee mug beside her and a frown appeared on her lips when she found her mug was empty. Nonetheless she continued her work.

Eric who observed it,thought to bring a cup of coffee to her and went to pantry. Eric went to the pantry and to coffee making machine. He then read the instructions of how to make a coffee and made a steaming coffee for Marina.

Yes, this was his first time making a coffee and it was not for him but for Marina. On his way out he saw some snacks and brought some of them along with coffee.


Marina heard someone coming in her direction but didn't lift her head to see who it was. Soon the footsteps stopped and she saw a silhouette standing near the switches.

"I don't think we are that bankrupt and can't even supply electricity to the working staff who are so dedicated to the company".

As soon as he completed saying it Eric turned on the lights. Marina's hand immediately covered her eyes while her eyes tried to adjust to the sudden light.

" I know company didn't go bankrupt. It's just an old habit to save electricity ", her soft voice came in a low pitch.

Eric carried the tray to her and kept it beside her. Marina saw the steaming cup of coffee placed on her desk and some snacks. Eric then pulled a chair next to Marina.

" It's a good thing to save companies resources, but you need to even take care of your eyes. A dried blue sea is not good to see?", his voice has a hint of concern in it. "Excuse me?" "Your beautiful blue eyes will go dry if work under these conditions" he said while waving his hand around the room.

"Ok", Marina couldn't suppress her chuckle.

" Have them. I will be back soon", he then got up from his chair and went into his office.

As he told he was back in less than 3 minutes with a document in his hand. He checked the time and it was already past 9." Had dinner? ", knowing she definitely didn't eaten yet he asked her.

Just then Marina stuffed her mouth with a cookie and shook her head. Seeing her like this with her cheeks fluffy , she looked rather cute and somehow it didn't look dirty. He let out a giggle , " Pack your things. Let's go out and grab a bite".

She slowly savored her cookie and then packed her things. Eric noticed her checking all the drawers in the desk for something but she didn't find it yet.

"What was that? ".

" My phone, I remember keeping it on my desk, but it's not here now", she pouted looking at him. She looked rather adorable and as he stared at her lips he felt those were very delicate and her red lip gloss made them to look like a cherry and suddenly he felt kissing her.

Eric gulped down and averted his gaze from her. "It's ok. I will ask the security to check for it, now let's keep the mugs in pantry and have supper".

" Ok" .

Eric carried two coffee mugs while Marina carried the tray to pantry. After placing them Eric went to have some water. But to his surprise the phone which Marina lost on her desk was beside the water filter.

"I think we shouldn't seek for the help of security to search for your phone. You know, they already work alot for the company day and night. But don't worry your phone will come to you", he gave a silly grin to her.

Marina smirked mirthfully.

" How? Does it have legs? ", she asked with a note of irony in her voice.

" I think it really does have legs. Otherwise how come the phone on your desk could be here in pantry ", he remarked sarcastically.

At first Marina didn't believe him, but she finally gave in and went after him to the water filter. As he told, her phone was there beside the water filter.

Marina took her phone, " It really has legs", she told it with a silly smile.

"Yeah", both of them started to laugh together.

Trying to change the topic she held her tummy with her left hand,

" I'm starving to death. At this rate you need to take me to a hospital instead of a restaurant ".

" I'm not the one who is costing time", with this he started walking towards the lift. Marina started to run after him to catch up his long strides.

Both of them got into the lift together, but none of them uttered a word. Then both of them got into the car and left the Envision corporation.

To end the killing silence in the car Eric turned on the audio player. Don't leave me BTS song started to play.
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