Strangers in love
21 Chapter 21- A narrow escape
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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21 Chapter 21- A narrow escape

"Shit." Elina almost shouted out. She was just so freaked out. Maybe god was on her side . Just when she thought there was no way to escape suddenly his phone started to ring.

"Hello? Yeah. I'll tell her." Carter turned to take a call.

This was enough for her to escape. She literally sprinted across the rows of clothes. She managed to escape Carter's line of sight and hid behind a tall pillar which was adjacent to shop's entrance. She was breathless.

Not forgetting the purpose of him coming this way after ending the call Carter went near the mannequine and peered behind it. "What's the matter, Mr. Collin?" Secretary Kim asked Carter. "Felt someone was watching" he said while scanning the surroundings.

Elina was so relieved and felt as light as a feather. Just then, she sensed a hand on her shoulder. She almost tripped in fear.

But, Seth caught at right time. "Careful. Are you playing hide and seek with someone?" Elina punched her hand into his stomach. "Don't you have sense? How can you just come like that? You scared my life out of me", she chided him.

Seth rubbed his stomach where Elina punched him. "I just came in and saw you were running like a crazy rabbit from that shop." he pointed at the shop she just left. "I thought something was up and was really worried."

Elina made a face "You know what?",she gave a pause. Seth thought he was going to listen something very interesting," I'm all ears" he replied curious to know what made her to run like that,but his glowing eyes turned dim all of a sudden after listening to her words.

"Let's just get out of this place. I don't wanna stay here anymore." Seth nodded with an upset face. Elina stormed out of the Kingdom mall without a back turn not at all bothered whether he was coming along with her or not.

She went out straight into the car and sat in the passengers seat.

"Shall we go somewhere to have dinner? ", Seth asked as soon as he got inside the car.

" I think one day your whole body fills with that food . You glutton!!! ", Elina commented.

Seth raised an eye brow at her while his eyes saying:" Who's the one gobbling down the food which I cook and now you even dared to call me glutton? You sure have guts Elina".

"Of course I have guts! How else am I gonna beat you, Mr. Seth" she said in a mocking tone. "Wanna have one more battle. Let's check some guts." Seth challenged her. "One needs to think about their pride, my friend." Seth slapped her arm and they started their little wrestle in the car.

In their battering they didn't notice Carter coming out of the mall and getting into his car.

Kim Mi So came out first from the mall and waited until Carter sat then, she boarded the front seat to attend the banquet.

Seth started the engine but even before turning the street the car took a stop because of traffic jam.

Probably the destiny wanted Elina and Carter to meet. Both of there cars stopped adjacently.

"Looks like the road ahead is blocked", Elina told sensing the traffic won't be cleared any time soon.

" Probably. Let's take a detour ", Seth started to turn the car around to take another route.

While on the other side Carter stopped speaking to Kim Mi So whose mouth was currently slightly open when he saw the same girl appear in front of his eyes on the other day.

Not knowing how to react he sat on his place and as soon as the car turned around he immediately got out off the car to meet her. Carter crossed all the hindrances came in his way to meet her, but by the time Carter reached other end of the road from his car Elina's car drove off.

" Fuck", Carter kicked his shoes to some random car. Carter saw Elina with all smiles while some man of her age sat beside her driving the car. Both of them looked intimate.

"Could he be her boyfriend", the thought of her having a boyfriend made him to agitate more .

" Hey,, , how dare you to hit my car?", the owner of the car came out as soon as Carter hit his car. Not responding,Carter still saw the way Elina left.

"Hey.... Can't you hear. Wearing a nice coat is not enough. People need to have some dignity, look at m.... ", his words struck out in his mouth when he saw Carter's fury in his eyes.

" Sir,shall we follow the car", Kim Mi So noticed every single bit of it and thought he might have mistook the person for other.

"No need. Let's get back to work. Settle this matter ", Carter went and sat inside his car but his eyes still glued on the spot Elina's car before.

.. . . .

While it's already beyond clock out some sincere employee is still working in the Envision corporation.

In front of the Envision, the latest edition of Maybach S 650 stopped. Just by looking at the car, the security guard knows who was in it and he immediately opened the door for the car to enter.

Eric parked the car outside the building instead of parking it in parking lot. He just got out from the car, but the security guard was already waiting for him behind the car.
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"President Eric, Is there something you need my assistance with? ", the security guard followed after him.

" Nothing, just go and do your work", Eric rejected the guards help and went into the wide open spaced building.

Eric was on his way to bring a document from his office and need to pass by the Secretary room. He entered the lift and pressed 45th floor. As he exited the lift he heard some tapping sounds from the secretary office. He stopped making sounds with his foot and wanted to know who was it working late at this hour in the company.


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