Strangers in love
20 Chapter 20- Why is he here?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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20 Chapter 20- Why is he here?

Pushing away Carter's hand, " You, Alex and my father, everyone are like this!!!Look, I have grown up already. Why you all keep me in dark always", Stan frowned on his brothers not sharing their past who shared everything with him .

Carter just smiled at him, " When its right time, you will know everything Stan", he then left him and went out of the room.

"Probably when its right time, the whole world might know what happened", Stan commented sarcastically.

... . ... .

"I'm looking forward to hear from you Mr. Collin regarding our new project", Evan told plastering a smile on his face.
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Carter nodded and got up from his chair, " Looking forward to work with you Mr. Evan", he then stretched out his hand for Evan. The old man who was in his early fifties with a big round tummy got up from his seat to shake hand with Carter. "It's an honour to work with Envision", Evan added.

After exchanging all the pleasantries Carter went back to his chairman seat of the kingdom's mall as secretary Kim trailed after him.

" Attending the banquet at 8PM is last meeting for today, Mr. Collin ", Kim Mi So opened her mouth as soon as he sat down.

" Ok. Don't disturb me till evening. Let's take a tour around the mall before going to banquet".

" Mr. Collin", she nodded and went back to her place.


A whole day passed without anything out of the norm happening.Sarah turned off her computer , peeked at Elina desk top to see what was she doing. "It's time off ,Ellie", Sarah announced, stood up from her seat, took her handbag waiting for Elina to tag along with her.

Both of them made their way out of Envision chatting with each other. "Tomorrow I will introduce you to other friends here", Sarah smiled nudging her shoulder with Elina. Elina just nodded her head. After bidding goodbye to Sarah Elina immediately called Seth.

Just after 2 rings the line got through. "El, it might take some time for me to come. Go to the kingdom mall. I will be there in an hour. Bye", not allowing her to speak he told what he wanted to say and ended the call.

What's with this idiot now. Didn't even hear me out. I'm new to this place . Man!!! I need to hail a cab now.

May be it's truly her devil's luck, as soon as she thought of a taxi, she actually found one coming towards her. She halted the taxi.

" Yes madam", the taxi driver spoke.

"To kingdom mall".

" Please get in".


Just as Carter told ,Kim Mi So came to him before attending the party to have a tour around the mall at 7. She knocked the door before entering in.

"Come in", Carter's bass voice came from other end of the door.

" Mr. Carter, we can head for the tour. I already informed all the floor managers and department owners that we are coming ", she said as politely as it could sound.

Carter simply nodded acknowledging her words.

They made their way for the check.

Amidst their way, " What sales were high this year", he enquired.

"As usual Louis Vuitton because of its excellent tailoring of trench coats, use of leather, ready to wear dresses, shoes and all other accessories sir".

" Hmm? ".

Secretary Kim, a Korean, worked under him more than 4 years. So she immediately understood what he meant by next .

" It's Gucci,Mr. Collin ". Carter just hummed for her indicating he was listening to her.

" Last ? ".

Kim understood that the last sale company was now going to get end of the contract because of their poor profits.

" It's Shell's ".

" Ok. End their contract this term and give it to Arman".

"Ok Mr. Collin".

Just as their conversation ended they reached the entrance of the first Chanel department store.

" Mr. Collin. Please come in. This year we are expecting..... ".

Elina got out from the cab," Screw it!!!this traffic jam...its all that idiot's fault for making me come here. Man!!!he must have done it deliberately knowing lanes will be busy in this peek!!",She saw an enornomous building in front of her.

Soon her resentment was replaced by amusement.

It was so big that one can not see it's whole height without breaking their neck standing at her distance. Kingdom mall, it really looked like a kingdom. Elina sighed thinking when will Seth come. She just walked towards the entrance thinking to sit at the coffee shop which was just beside the entrance. She was thinking what would be nice to drink at this time. Thinking like that, she abruptly stopped on her way.

"Shit. Why is he here?" Elina immediately went inside a shop nearby to hide when she saw Carter entering Chanel department store with some lady. She came exactly when he was leaving and she almost ran into him. Elina can't even face him after she remembered what had happened between them in Bar Ritz.

Carter was seriously talking with the owner of Chanel. Elina was just praying for him to just go. "God, why is it taking so long? Just get out of here, Mr. Stranger " As if Carter had heard Elina say that he suddenly turned towards the shop she was in.

She was behind a mannequine so he didn't exactly notice her. "No! This can't be happening." Elina has sensed what he was up to. "No. Just go away. Don't come here." As she was saying this, Carter took a step towards the shop.


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