Strangers in love
19 chapter 19- why keeping me in dark??
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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19 chapter 19- why keeping me in dark??

" Good morning Mr. President "

As he passed by the secretary office all other secretaries started to greet him.

Alex took an abrupt stop which made all other employees in the room wondered whether they did some mistake or what?

He turned around and peeked towards Marina's desk.Unexpectedly Marina's eyes greeted him and a small smile placated him. "Good morning Mr. President ", Marina greeted him. Acknowledging her greetings he simply nodded his head and went to his room.

Not knowing that the Almighty president actually greeted their head secretary all others secretaries in the office started to beam with satisfaction.

"Did you see?.... Our president,for the first time stopped and greeted us!!", one of the Secretary, Shaina started a gossip about their boss.

" Really..... How can someone be as beautiful as these three brothers. One is more handsome and hot than other", the Secretary next to her ,Carole participated in gossiping.

"Yep. It's really hard to choose who to eye for. They all have finely carved faces by God, especially Carter and Eric. They both are so hot. None could provably resist them. I'm more than willing to have one night stand with one of them", Shaina told.

" In our dreams ", Carole grimaced as though she lost her life's fortune.

" Stop gossiping and mind your business ", Marina's cold voice sounded in the air.

Nobody were daring enough to not to listen to their superior both the secretaries stopped their current work and started working.

Not even after five minutes the landphone on Marina's desk started to ring.

As soon as she lifted the phone Eric's calm voice sounded. "To my office", with this he ended the call.

Marina got up from her seat and went out of the room.

As soon as she went out the gossipers again started their gossiping.

" Man..... It's not like one of our bosses belong to her. Sometimes she speaks as if she just owns them..... ".

Marina heard their words but didn't mind them. She entered into the room without knocking and then went near his desk.

She entered the room with a professional smile.Eric raised his head from the never ending documents on his hands to see her alluring yet seductive smile.

That smile on her lips made the world stop . It's a smile that brings back a million memories in a split second. She has a smile that makes him feel happy about being alive and just a bit more human.Atleast this is what Eric thought about her smile.


The sound of her heels came like an echo in the empty spaced-room making him to snap back to reality.

Regaining his composure Eric kept the documents aside, " What's my schedule today? ", he asked trying to come up with words. He forgot for what he called marina in.

"Today you have a meeting with IT head on new project", Marina replied.

"OK.... then? ".

"You are free for rest of the day ", Marina said without flinching.

"OK" Eric said with calm voice.

"Is there something you want to tell me?" she suddenly asked out of blue.

"No. Nothing. You can leave." Eric tried to stay calm eventhough her question startled him.

"OK" she said and left. Eric watched her receding figure while getting upset on his sudden memoryloss.He remembered their first encounter. It was their third meeting yet, he felt he knew her and he felt some feelings stirring inside his heart for her.


"Summer is about to come. Time for collaborating with new celebrities about our kingdom's mall summer Sale, mainly about the swimming pool. Thats our new thing. Just pay extra attention to it. Attract tourists and refurbish kingdom's conference Hall", Carter told it all in one go in his husky but melodious bass voice while secretary Kim noted all of it in her handbook.

"Ok,Mr. Collin", Secretary Kim Mi So nodded her head while looking curiously at him to see what will he say later.

" What's the schedule ahead ?".

" You have a lunch meeting in thirty minutes with Mr. Evan at kingdom hotel. Later, you need to attend to banquet Hall".

"Ok. We will leave in 5 minutes", with this he barged out of the office to see Eric.

Carter entered into Eric's office almost hurriedly. Without making any foot sound he went and stood beside Eric. "Seems you are not focused?". Carter sat on his desk leisurely.

"Addy..... You scared the hell out of me", Eric replied trying to get back to his composed self.

Noticing his ignorance state Carter raised an eyebrow, " Did something happen? ".
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" Nope.... It's just normal stuff ", Eric lied placing a smile on his lips.

Understanding his hesitation Carter diverted the topic, " Where's Stan? ".

"Probably hooking with some random girl ", Eric told sarcastically.

"There you are, you can't talk on someone's back", Stan's hoarse deep voice came from the other end of the door.

"Talking of the devil and here he comes", Carter adds.

All of them burst into a fit.

" Father called", Stan told looking at Carter. Noticing that Eric immediately added, " Is something serious? ".

Stan took the chair facing Eric, " Just to hold a meeting with Mr. Evan regarding the new project ".

" Ok".

Seeing Carter's expression Eric understood that Carter was already planning on it."Old man's a step far dude, Carter was on his way to meet him. Probably today is the meeting. Am I right, Carter? ", Eric enquired Carter.

" Carter Collin, you are always a step ahead ... You are wonderful.", Stan said cheerfully. "By the way where is the meeting?".

" At kingdom's mall Stan".

Eric and Stan nodded their head unanimously. Suddenly remembering something Stan looked Carter, " Shall we have a family Get-to-gather tonight", Stan all of a sudden started to act cutesy by showing his twinkling eyes to make his big brother agree for it.

Not falling for his cute tricks Carter simply discarded his idea, " Some other time Stan, I need to attend some banquet today. Alex , Katie and you all guys enjoy for today", Carter simply suggested him.

"Why was it so hard for you guys to even take rest when the company is all yours".Stan always wanted to spend some quality time with his whole family. But since Envision took its form it became very hard to have any Get-to-gathers .

Carter just gave small pat on Stan's shoulders saying:" You will know everything in future".

Pushing away Carter's hand, " You, Alex and my father, everyone are like this. Look, I have grown up already. Why you all keep me in dark always".


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