Strangers in love
18 chapter 18- Unknown feelings
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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18 chapter 18- Unknown feelings

Seth saw her cheeks fluffed with food and let out a chortle. He wanted to take a snap of it, but he knew Elina doesn't like taking pictures, so he discarded his idea.
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Soon both of them finished their brunch and decided to head out together.

Seth went into the driver seat while Elina sat beside him. Seth started his way to Envision.

" Do you really have to work here? ", he asked not liking the fact of her working in Envision.

" Why? .... It's the top company now in world and it's the best for doing my internship here before completing my college", she replied wondering how was she able to work in Envision

"Luck is not chance, it's toil. You have the potential so they just gave you an opportunity".

" Everything is fated", she didn't know what made her to say it, but it came out of her mouth in sudden.

"Why don't you work in my family's company. You do know why I don't like Envision", he was about to throw a tantrum like a child.

" Don't act childishly Mr.Seth .I don't like having anything through connections. People need to gain everything by their hard work and smart-work".

"It seems like you already decided. Since it's your life you can have your own way", with this he stopped speaking to her pulling a long face.

"What's with that stern face. I never knew that my friend here will also get angry".

" Aren't you the reason for me being like this? ", as he said it out , the car took an abrupt stop. Wondering what made him to stop she turned her face to look forward and saw a red light ahead.

" Are you going to stay like this whole time".

"If you say you won't go then I will be back to normal",he replied unperturbed.

" Ho..... Is that so", she started to tickle him over his neck, Ear and waist.

"Hey... What are you doing?.... Hahaha stop it.... Haa",

"It's my life. I can do whatever I want", she attacked his dialogue on him while increasing her small tease on him.

" Ok.... Stop it. Haha stop it Elina. That's enough".

"Only if you speak rationally".she then started tickling him more. " Hahaha ".

" Ok.... Fine". After him agreeing to it's here stopped her tease.

"You are becoming bold day by day",

he said as anger once again took him in. With this he started the engine as the car behind them started honking.

" People tend to change based on the people they are surrounded by", she then winked at the man next to her.

"Man... You mean I'm the reason for you becoming bold? ", he asked bewildered by listening her words.

" Did I say that? ", she then took his left free hand in hers. " It's just three months however. So stop making a scene over here and slide it out", she told placing a cheerful smile on her face.

When he heard her, Seth understood how naively he behaved. "Ok", he replied.

Soon the car stopped near Envision surroundings. " Should I fetch you for dinner ", he asked hoping she would agree.

" No... What if the employees here mistake you as my boyfriend? ", she asked picking his brain.

"Isn't it for my advantage . So that I don't have to worry about anyone hitting on you".

" Is that so? ".

" Ok..... Let's go for shopping today evening. Call me after getting off work", he said waving bye to her.

"So fast to get rid off me,right? ".

" No my dear.... I don't want my friend getting scolded for being late on her first day ofnwork".

Elina smiled and got off from the car. "Bye".

Seth didn't know why but his heart suddenly felt heavy as Elina's figure started to vanish among the crowd.

"Why am I having an odd sensation as though she is leaving me and this was our last time together". Seth laughed at his own thoughts thinking it will never ever happen and went back to his old residence to meet his grandfather.

Elina looked at the enornomous building in front of her. She is going to work in this. Envision. She sighed at her thought. She somehow felt some unknown feeling growing inside her. She walked into the building and went to the receptionist.

" How may I help you madam? ", the young receptionist asked Elina in a friendly approach while smiling politely at her.

" Hello I'm Elina Gilbert. I have a joining as an intern today".

"Hold on a second,mam", the receptionist gave a polite smile and then searched the register to check .

"Oh... you are the new intern in finance department. Please go to the 30th floor mam and then meet head of finance department, Lisa", she answered with the same polite tone as before and guided her to the lift.

" Thank you".

"Your welcome ".

Elina pressed the 30th button. She reached the floor and the lift doors opened. As soon as it opened she found a cabin to her right "Team Head". She politely knocked the door. " May I come in " .

"Yes", came a commanding tone from inside. Elina expected her to be an old hag who likes ordering others. But to her surprise she is someone who was around her early thirties or late twenties.

" Hello, this is Elina Gilbert joining as an intern".

"Ok" she took her joining report and scanned her like a security check camera. After a minute she spoke."You can take the seat next to Sarah on right side of the room. Elina,report to me after 3 days along with a report of what you observed. OK?", with this Lisa continued looking into the papers in her hands.

" Ok " , Elina replied promptly and left the room to find Sarah on her way.

Her eyes wandered all around the wide office and she saw an empty desk,beside it there was a fair looking woman seriously working with her computer. Elina approached her. "Excuse me, is this Sarah? ".

" Yes", Sarah looked up.

"Hi...I'm your desk mate from today ", she then took her seat.

"Oh... So you are Elina Gilbert. Lisa already told me...... ", Sarah continued speaking without any stop for 10 mins while she explained about companies rules and few more details about company while Elina plastered a smile on her face.

While one was unable to stop someone's mouth on the other side .....

Marina saw Eric step out off the lift with a bossy aura which sent shivers through her spine making it hard to communicate with him. " Good morning Mr. President "


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