Strangers in love
17 Chapter 17- To know her hidden truth
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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17 Chapter 17- To know her hidden truth

The warm rays of light filtered through her thin eyelids awoke her the second they fell on her.Rays of brightness cast squares onto the glossy stone floor,reflecting onto several objects in the room which decorated it.She blinked a few times,in an attempt to help her eyes adjust to the illumination directed  right at her defenseless figure.

After snapping into reality from sleep,she saw Seth's towering figure to draw the window curtains open.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Isn't it weekend?Let me take some rest",Elina snuggled down in her quilt trying to block the sunlight and to go back to her sleep.

Seth observed the girl on the bed who tried to cover herself like a cat and an irreprecable gentle look swept his face while his lips curled up by her act.He strode to the end of her bed ,tried to remove the quilt from her,unknown to him,Elina already expected something like this from him,so she clutched to the quilt as though it was her last straw to survive,but he was a man afterall who is wide awake ,by taking her's half-sleep condition as an advantage he used all his sheer force and pulled the quilt away from her.

Elina finally opened her eyes wide-awake and made a face ,showing how pity it was to wake her up early in the morning.

Seth gave  a silly grin," Do you think I like nagging at you early in the morning,that too to work in that so called Envision company.Now go, wash your drunken face".

Elina throwed a pillow yelling,"You rascal....",which Seth caught effortlessly, " why didn't you wake me up early? on my god!! ! It's monday already.....I'm late I'm late", she then jumped off her bed and hoped around the room in panic thinking she might get earn sclodings for coming late.
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" Now you are blaming me?? my drunken rabbit, I'm preparing your favorite breakfast, don't be late and don't blame me for not saving it for you".

Just at the thought of having her favourite food made her to stop woory about work and like a sprinter she made her way into bathroom.

Seth wanted to laugh at the sight seeing how easy it was to divert the topic with her.He stared at the closed bathroom door for  a real long time contemplating how hidbheart felt for her. He dated before,but he never had such a strong feeling towards anyone.When she told she need to go back,he felt like the strings in his heart were pulled, feeling like an empty peice without her by his side.He wanted her,he wanted her to be on his side forever.

Yes,she is not perfect,but everything about her was perfect in his eyes.he loved the way she shows herself infront of him.Is this what called love?

"What are you doing?Go and serve the breakfast for me",she told tugging her stomach , pursing her lips ever so slightly,she peered at his stony face.

Little did she know that her voice,as if breaking a magic spell,jolted the man back to his senses.feeling a bit guilty,he left to kitchen.

Following his lead she sat on the dining tablole rubbing her tummy,"Seth, do you even know how hungry am I? Ah... I would eat a monster now.Come fast".

In a blink of eye Seth stood next to her.Bending his back a little he reached her ears,"Instead of a monster why don't you have me?",he gave a wink and in an heartbeat he walked past her, and sat across the table.

Elina glared at him,"You sure have a death wish.You are too dirty".

Seth smiled ,his eyes seemed to sparkle with light,"Fine, I'm dirty.But you just understood what I said.Doesn't it mean you as dirty as I am?",he rasied an eyebrow which gave a demanding look.

Elina blinked her eyes .She didn't know what to say anymore.She can't back out and at the same time she can't refute with him anymore.She simply pouted for a minute and then stuffed her mouth with food.

Seth is someone who loves social etiquette and table manners.If it was anyone ,he would have yelled at them ,but since it was Elina he didn't utter a word out nor did anything.The worst thing to notice was that instead of having an awful look on his face he had a tender look on his face as if he was adoring the moment and he felt the girl infront of him looked more lovely.

Noticing his intense gaze,Elina opened her mouth,"Staring at me won't fill your appetite".

Seth was startled all of a sudden and dropped off the spoon he was holding. He immediately bent and picked his spoon. "Look at you. Your whole face red." Elina mumbled, still chewing her food. Seth was shocked. He opened his mouth to say something but, stopped. Elina poured out some juice into her mug. He looked at her face and remembered his conversation with Roy the other day.

"She is my friend and nothing more, " Seth told calmly but deep inside his he felt his heartbeat increasing and Roy's question played like a loop in his mind.

"Ya. She sure is a just friend who made you to turn the world upside down when you couldn't find her, right? ", Roy commented sarcastically.

He replayed that conversation in his mind and stared at her face. He knew the answer deep inside but, he just couldn't tell it to Elina. He was scared that he would ruin their friendship. There was something about her that made her unique and that attracted him more towards her. But, he didn't know what was it. He helplessly looked at her baby face. He again drifted to last night's thoughts after his talk with Roy.

Elina .....who are you? Who is Emilia?What is that you are hiding from this world?


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