Strangers in love
16 Chapter 16- Are you into her?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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16 Chapter 16- Are you into her?

She needed a shower badly. As soon as she stepped into her room, she walked towards the mirror and removed her top. Unknowingly,her hand traced from her nape to collarbone. Her little touch made her to remember the man who made her heart to quiver. Even in that drunken state she remembered the man's face and his body very clearly and when she thought what she saw in the bathroom in the hotel her cheeks started to burn. Wanting to forget what almost happened today, she left the mirror.

She stood under the shower and turned on hot shower. Once she was alone she began to think about today's events. She was almost taken advantage by an unknown stranger and she hated the fact she actually enjoyed it. But later she thought it was all the affect of that alcohol.

She then thought about her dream. If it wasn't because of that incident she would be now around with her family leading a happy life like all other young girls of her age. Thinking about it a tear slipped down her eye.

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Seth started to knock the bathroom door. Murph turned off the shower and went near the door, "what? ", she tried to sound calm so that he won't know she just cried now.

" Well... Nothing much. You went inside long back and didn't make any sounds. So I thought you fell down and sprained your leg", Seth asked her worriedly .

"Scram ", she howled at him.

" Ok, take your own time", he then slipped out from bedroom. Elina had a long, hot water bath. She tied a bath-robe around her and came out. She then immediately closed the bedroom door and opened her wardrobe.

She took out a pair of pink pyjamas with a cute cat near her left breast whose tail was about to wag.As she stepped out she saw Seth lazily leaning on the wall beside the door looking as sexy as possible.She was startled , "yah! Do you want to scare me to death", she gave a punch on his shoulder.

Seth let out a chuckle and started to scan her with his scrutinizing gaze. His eyes travelled from top to bottom and then finally landed on her cat. Elina noticed what he was looking into,but she didn't know what's going on in his mind and she was frightened of making an embarrassing mistake. So she simply averted the topic.

" Didn't you go back already? ", she raised an eyebrow at him. Seth turned his gaze from her cat to meet her eyes, " Your cat is nice, looking cute just like my drunken little cat".She just thanked God inwardly for not making her a piece of joker. "Yep, that's why I bought it".

"You surely have standards".

" I made hangover soup for you, drink some before you sleep", Seth went to sofa and sat on it. "Since I would be staying here for today, where should I sleep? ".

Elina's eyes widened in shock.

" Hold on,Mr. Seth, who gave you permission to sleep in my house".

Of course, it's not something Elina didn't expect from him. When he came inside the house she understood he would be staying here tonight.

"Who should give me permission to stay in my friend's house? ", he gave a playful grin.

" No you can't stay whole night in a girl's room. Now get it together and go back to your house". It's not their first time sleeping in each other's house , but this time it's just the two of them. So she didn't know how to react.

"You know what ,we are friends and it's not our first time sleeping in the same house. We did it many times. In old mansion, in your house. Didn't we? ", he said it in a matter- of -factly.

Yes, we slept in the same house you dumbo. But then, mom and dad were also there. So it's not only we, but others with us. But it's different today.

And she knew, it's just waste of time arguing with him. So she resoulted her idea of arguing and went with the play. " Since, this is my house you can sleep on the sofa and I on the bed".

Seth threw a pillow on her which she caught without any effort,

"Do you even know what is hospitality, manners? Is this how you treat guests?".

" Aren't we friends Seth, do friends follow all sorts of formalities to each other? ", she retorted back using his words on him.

" You sure a person of words Elina. You never leave me off the hook right? ".

Both of them started to laugh, " I rarely get a chance to mock you back, how can I leave even that". She then suddenly thought about something, "Yaa!... Why did you lie about me  as your girlfriend to Jenny? ".

" It won't be a lie anymore if we make it true my lovely El", he let out a gleeful smile with a playful look on his face. She threw the pillow back on him with all her might, " You filthy liar".

She then went to drink some soup and bought some for him. "It's very sour. You need to have some too since you are drunk".

" Look at you, I know you are giving it to me because, you wanna ruin my taste buds", even though he complained he took the bowl from her hands.

"You made it. Can't you even have the food which you cooked, it's ok finish it fast and sleep on the sofa".she then began drinking her soup.

"Gud night", she waved bye to him and went to her bed. Even her small cozy bed felt like heaven and she immediately drifted into sleep.

Seth made himself comfortable on the sofa and slept. Just as sleep took him his phone began to beep.

Beep-beep Beep-beep

" Who the hell is that? ", Seth sounded irritatingly.

" Yo man... ", Roy's boisterous voice came through the speaker.

" Don't you know ?You need to at least thank the person who helped you in need. All my staff worked hard to find Elina . Yet, you are ungrateful prick".

"I forgot telling you. I found her. Are you happy? ", his voice still gave a hint of anger.

" Yes, I'm happy. It's a minimum thing to expect informing. He sounded irritated but, his time suddenly "So you are into her? ", Roy finally asked the question which he wanted to ask him from long ago.

Seth's sleepiness washed away with this simple question and felt like a thunderstorm hit him. His heart began to beat rapidly.


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