Strangers in love
15 Chapter 15- Who is Emilia?
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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15 Chapter 15- Who is Emilia?

Murph didn't know why, but she had a very bad premonition about it and the look on the Emily's face confirmed it.

She started to approach Emily. Just when she reached midway the earth started to shake. Not minding it, she continued her pace. Just after a minute the earth shaked tremendously and she fell on the ground, while she tried to get on her feet -she saw a tree falling on Emily leaving her alone in this world.

"No.... Emily you can't leave me. Please wait for me", Murph dragged herself to Emily not minding the blood oozing out of her wounds on body.

She tried to pull away the tree on her. But her petite self can't make it.Eventhough she didn't give up and tried once again, but all her attempts were futile. Not knowing what to do finally Murph sat beside Emily placing Emily's head on her lap. Tears streamed down her face. " It was all my fault.... My fault... Emilia

"Wake up Ellie", Seth shook her by the shoulders.

Elina woke up and held a questioning look on her sweating and tears covered face,

" What?".

Her eyes scanned her surroundings. No earthquake. No Emilia. Nothing and nobody chased her. Only the familiar car she loved and Seth driving beside her.

"You were dreaming Ellie, talked in your sleep and finally cried", Seth summarized the whole situation in just two lines and looked Worriedly at her wondering what made her to cry like that and who was Emilia.

Knowing that it was not correct time to question her, he abruptly stopped the car at the side of the road.

Seth held her hand tightly and brushed his other hand against her cheek which still had drops of tears on them. He then took a water bottle from backseat and passed it to her.

Elina took the water bottle from him, but didn't open it to drink immediately. She sat still in her position for some time and later gulped down the water in one go. Her whole face was covered in sweat. Noticing it Seth passed a wet tissue to her to wipe her face.

Elina took her time to calm down. She raized her head to meet his eyes . Her brows creased. " What did I say ? ''

Her question was simple. But Seth didn't know how to answer , while some part of his brain was saying he won't be getting answers to his questions. Nevertheless, he told her, "it's my fault.... Emilia".

At the mention of Emily's name, Elina paused wiping her face, then resumed her work. It was not something one could notice the sudden stop in her moments, while she covered her face with the wipe to not to reveal her emotions to him.

So he didn't know the change in environment and spoke casually, "That's it,I think so Ellie''.

Elina nodded her head acknowledging his words. She then stared at the road straight ahead of them.

"Elina, who was Emilia and what made you to cry? ", he knows the answer already, but wanted to give it a try. So he voiced out his questions.

Elina cleared her throat and replied, " I don't know and she came in my dream ".Elina made a white lie to him, " Let's go , it's getting late. ", she then tried to drift away from the topic.

Not wanting to probe further, Seth started the engine.

Soon the car stopped in front of Elite Enclave Apartments gate.The security guard opened the door.Elina unbuckled her seat belt and got out off the car.She turned around to bid goodbye to him but to her surprise he already got off the car and now heading was towards lift.

He turned around and saw she didn't make a move yet, while her brows creased lightly with an expression saying:" Where are you going ?"

" Are you going to freeze there standing all-night? ",Seth asked annoyingly and continued his pace.

" Yeah... coming." Elina came out from her reverie and started to run after him to catch up his long striding steps. Noticing it, Seth started to take short steps. Both entered the lift together. Just seeing Elina the little girl's face in the elevator was elated. "Oh Elina ! You are back, I thought you won't be coming today", she started working with her mouth while her hands worked to press the floor Elina was living.

"Today I went out with my friends. Jenny,aren't your working hours finished already. Why are you still in working clothes. Don't you have school tomorrow? ", Elina asked the little girl who worked very hard to meet daily needs of their family. Yet, Jenny was always cheerful and most the people who stayed in this enclave like her.

" Uncle wang asked to work for 3 more hours today, just half-an-hour more and I will go back to my home. However it is down there

right? ",Jenny turned around and saw Seth standing beside Elina. She scanned him top to bottom. " Elina, is this tall guy your boyfriend. He is so handsome and I pray God you both have a happy life together ", Jenny gave her heartful wishes to them with her heart warming smile.
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" Ah.... Jenny", before Elina could say anything Seth cut off her in middle, "you are right little Jennifer Lawrence. You are indeed very intelligent girl as Elina described about you", Seth then gave a cheerful smile to Jenny.Elina's eyes widened in shock after listening to his words, but didn't try to clear the misunderstanding.

Ding! The elevator door opened.

" Ok bye", both Seth and Elina exited the lift and bidded goodbye to her.

"Nice to meet you mister. Take good care of Ellie".

"As ordered."

Elina entered the lock to the door and opened it. As soon as it opened Seth entered in first and removed his shoes. As he know Elina won't be having any extra pair of slippers for him or for any other person, he walked with socks inside the home and went in to kitchen.

Initially Elina thought he would leave the house after eating something, but some part of her told her he was going to stay.


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