Strangers in love
14 Chapter 14- Chasing dream
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Strangers in love
Author :Richie520
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14 Chapter 14- Chasing dream

Only then she came out of her daze.''It's ok Stewart Seth. I can allow my self to open the door", she smiled at him and immediately hopped into the new BMW m6 limited edition which was her favorite car.

At first Seth,felt amused at her child like behavior and at her love for the car. Later, he felt jealous for not getting the same attention when compared to the car in front of him.

At the end, not knowing what to do with the little girl in front of him,he simply let out his lips to slightly curl up.

Seth took his seat and started the engine. When he was about to step on the accelerator he noticed that Elina didn't buckle her seat belt.

He shook his head helplessly and started to nag at her, " Ellie, you sure are very reckless. You won't fasten your seat belt. You drank above your alcoholic tolerance. What were you going to do if someone took advantage of you and your condition before, are you that least bit worried about yourself or you are not at all worried about yo..... ".

Cutting him in middle,Elina-who was unable to withstand even the thought of that incident before even for a second, immediately flared up at seth, '' Ahhh! ", she made a piercing scream, ''You are too noisy. Can't we just drive in peace? By the way, as per my knowledge, a guy hooked me to this bar."

As soon as these words left his her mouth, Seth's expression changed. From anger filled eyes his face was filled up with guilt.

When Elina noticed it, she at once knew even though Seth acted like that, he was feeling guilty and was probably blaming himself for dragging her to this bar, even she refused. She didn't know what to say or how to react after that.

A strange kind of silence settled down in the car, which weighed upon Seth like a whole world's weight. "Ellie, I'm sorry" Elina snapped her head towards him and saw his fixed gaze on the road. She didn't say anything. "I know, you didn't want to go but, I dragged you. This would not happened if I didn't.."
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"Seth, it was really not your fault. You said me to wait but, the alcohol had an impact on me" she immediately remembered the man in the suite. She didn't know why but, something turned her heart whenever she remembered him. "OK. Let's just stop this here. It was our fault." he gave her his iconic gummy smile. She just smiled back not with any emotion.

After that she closed her eyes pretending to sleep afraid that Seth would ask her even more and she had think about that again and again.

But, she was drifted into sleep just like that.

Somewhere in the dark distance she could hear someone calling her.But she didn't turn back and made her way far from them. Slowly the voices faded into silence.

She didn't know why she was running or where she was going. But she know she can't get caught by them. Her breathing started to rag. All her body started to ache. But she didn't stop and continued her run.

"Murph....Murph.. ", someone called her once again and this time she knew who it was.Murph effortlessly stopped her run , but panted for air.

" Emily, where are you? ", she called out. But no one replied. "Emily'', she called out once again. Just when she thought she was hearing things someone called her once again. This time Murph was sure that she really heard it and made her way in that direction. She walked towards her right and as she expected she saw Emily at the far end of the lane and looked at her with excitement but with colourless eyes as her exhaustion took her.While Emilia sat in the other end lifeless.


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